GST Invoice Facts

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In its bid to allay concerns of traders on invoice generation post-GST, the CBEC, under the Department of Revenue, said: “There are some apprehensions in the trade circles that GST invoice have to be issued as per prescribed format and that issuing GST invoice is going to be burdensome process. This is not correct. Some important facts about GST provisions relating to invoice are highlighted for information of all stakeholders.” Touted as the biggest reform since Independence, the incoming indirect tax regime is aimed at creation of a common market, preventing ‘tax-on-tax’ and making goods and services cheaper. Continue reading “GST Invoice Facts”

All About Invoicing Under GST

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Invoicing under GST is going to go through some changes. It forms a crucial function when it comes to the execution of a transaction. On every sale/purchase an invoice is issued by the supplier i.e person making the sale. The invoice contains S.No, details of product such as product name, description, quantity, etc along with details of supplier, purchaser, tax charged and other particulars such as discounts, terms of sale etc. and all of these would need to be depicted in the GST invoice. Continue reading “All About Invoicing Under GST”