What’s New in this Update – Vyapar 8.5 – Vyapar Support

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Vyapar Update – Vyapar 8.5  has been released. Managing your Business keeps getting better. Here’s what new in this BIG release.

  1. Free Quantity – Vyapar Update :
    Let’s say you are giving away “Buy 2 Get 1 Free“ offer. This means the bill has to be generated for 3 items at the cost of 2. Or suppose, you may want to give out free samples to your customers as a part of your business strategy.  In other words, you’ll have to bill items without charging the amount from customers. 

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Top Reasons Why Retailers Fail To Manage Their Store Efficiently.

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Did you know what percentage of retailers failed in the year 2017?

68% – Very High! More retailers than you expect. If this is a bad news for you,  either you were looking for retailing opportunities to invest on or you’re probably into business being a retailer for some time now. In any event,  worrying about your survival in today’s unpredictable market is common and here’s what most of the retailers (who fail) is doing it all wrong.

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