Vyapar is now GST ready.

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It is often seen when a disruption in the market is initiated, a large segment of the businesses are inconvenienced. GST is touted to be the biggest disruption in the Indian Economy. It has affected businesses of all sizes in some or the other way. Are you suffering due to its complexity? Intimidated by the reports of fines imposed for non-compliance to GST? Worried that you do not have the requisite tools and systems to update your account books?

Well, your worry is over. Vyapar is now GST ready. You have trusted us with the digitisation of your accounts and experienced the hassle free transition. Now its time we take care of your GST readiness.

The Vyapar app is being recognised and recommended by many traders and businesspersons around you. 

Vyapar GST Features:

HSN/SAC compliance: Depending on the turn over of your business, select the GST compliance options (tax inclusive or exclusive). Also, obtain your HSN/SAC code and enter it in the Vyapar application to set the products in right tax categories.

GSTIN mapping: 10th to the 20th of every month is going to be a tough time but you need not worry as the Vyapar app collects the GSTIN details of all the stakeholders and companies involved and apps them with respective invoices. This way, you will be tension free when it comes to returns filing.

Accounting software, GST software, Invoicing software, GST invoice, Vyapar App

Inter-State transactions: If you are a trader with supply chain across multiple states, then the Vyapar App facilitates storing pre-defined tax codes representing the different states.

Accounting software, Vyapar App, GST software, GST invoice,

Tax Distribution: All the in-direct taxes are convoluted into one tax and that is the GST. Your customers will always want a clearly demarcated price breakdown in the invoices. Vyapar app takes care of this. All you need to do is enter the selling price and it will automatically present an invoice with clear tax distribution under CGST, SGST or IGST.

Accounting software, Vyapar App, GST software, GST invoices, Invoicing software

Simplified Tax Returns Filing: Once you have the records in place then to complete the process of filing reports, you have to upload the data on the GST portal. The Vyapar app allows you to extract all the invoices data in an excel or a CSV format. All you need to do is, upload this file on the tax returns portal under the GSTR, GSTR2, GSTR3 as applicable.

Enabling Calculated Decisions: As a business owner, it is of prime importance that you get to view the statistics in one go. The Vyapar app keeps all your GST related data in comprehensive and easy to read reports. This helps you quickly understand the GST compliances of your business and thus you can focus on core business rather than worry about the tax peripherals.

Vyapar App is the right disruptive solution for a market disruption like GST. Empower your Business.

Accounting software, GST compatible accounting software, Vyapar, Invoicing software

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