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0% GST on services such as conducting exams, testing of food samples etc.

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A lot many services have been exempted from GST recently. Meaning, GST will not be charged on them.

Here’s the list of services exempted from GST:

1. Artificial insemination of livestock (other than horses)
2. Warehousing of minor forest produce
3. Services provided by FSSAI to food business operators by way of licensing, registration and analysis or testing of food samples.
4. Services provided by Government to ERCC by way of assigning the right to collect a royalty on behalf of Government on mineral dispatched by mining lease holders.
5. Works of installation &commissioning undertaken by electricity distribution utilities for extending electricity distribution network up to tube well of the farmer/agriculturalist for agricultural use.
6. Service by Central/State Govt./UT admin. by giving guarantees for their undertakings/PSUs.
7. Supply of services by State & Central educational boards to students for conducting the examinations.
8. Services provided by an union corporate body / non-profit entity registered under any law, engaged in activities relating to the welfare of industrial or agricultural labour or farmer; or promotion of, interalia, trade, commerce, industry, agriculture, art, science, etc., to its members against consideration in the form of membership fee up to Rs.1000/- per member per year.

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