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10 Small Scale Business Ideas with less than 3 lakh investment

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Have you always wanted to start a business, but the huge Investment held you back ? Don’t worry, here Vyapar gets to you 10 small scale business Idea with less than 3 lakh Investment !

Vyapar, in on the endeavour to support and nurture the entrepreneurial spirit within you and here are some of the viable business ideas with less than INR. 3 Lakh investment.

Here are 10 Small Scale Business Idea:


Your biggest asset is you yourself. One can put all the learnings and wisdom to use and capitalise on the core skills at the individual level. For eg. Digital Marketing, Content Writing, Account Management, Excel Sheet automation, Data Entry, Market Research, Tutions. These are avenues where one needs zero or very little investment which could be even less than  a lakh of rupees.

Kirana/Grocery Store: 

Nowadays residents in the townships always need a go to store,as they stay far flung from main road or market since Metros in India are growing in-organically.One can start a small super market in these townships.

HouseKeeping Services:

No matter what is the campus type, it always requires maintenance and servicing on a daily basis. Given the vast un-organised sector in India, one can tap into it for resources and assemble a team for delivery of services. This will be encouraged by government with social sector schemes as you are mainstreaming the un-employed and brining them in the government services fold.

Self Help Groups:

The District Rural Development Authority is an office looked after by the district collector. Its sole purpose is to empower the rural people, especially the women, by training them in various skills like, cooking, stitching, etc and make them self – reliant. With right motivation, this venture is possible and the only investment required is hard work.



This is another small scale business idea that is easy to setup, especially since cakes & Pastries get sold quickly. A one time Investment  in setting up the equipment  is required. Adding the home delivery option makes this venture even more popular.

Monthly Mess:

One with a knack of cooking tasty  and healthy food is always preferred by singles who stay away from their homes. Infact, they wouldn’t mind spending a little extra if the for is yummy and takes care of their tummy very well. Investment part requires maintaining the kitchen stock and doing some marketing. The best part is, if the food is good, word to mouth publicity will bring more than enough customers.

Taxi Services:

If you love driving, then with 3 to 4 lakh rupees, one can get a good second hand hatchback and start networking with travel agents for getting rides. As the network grows, one can increase the fleet. This is another model where there is always a high demand. Hence multiplying from one to many in due course is quite possible.

Tailoring/ Fashion Designing:

The only Investment required in this small scale business idea is the Initial training costs. Initially the services could be managed from home . One can start this business and maintain good profits single handedly.

Mobile Repairing Shop:

This is another small scale business idea, wherein the individual needs to invest in training and in the equipment.There is always a demand for mobile maintenance professionals which can be carried out from one’s home easily

Electronics Repair:

One can assemble a team of 3 to 5 individuals and start getting door to door business. A one time investment would be required in training and getting basic equipment. Everyday, in every society or building complex, there are many breakdowns in electrical and electronic hardware. One always looks for immediate help and devices have become a part of our lives and were so much dependent on them. This has created a very high demand for service and maintenance professionals. Moreover, there is no accountability in the form of warranty to the customer, involved in this service.

 Quality work always gets appreciated and stays in demand.If you are a sound professional,these are some of the very common ideas to get involved into. Accounting apps like VyaparApp helps in simplifying your account books and by simply entering the every transaction, you get a complete account book ready for your review and auditing.

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