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11 Steps to get your business ready for the seasonal sales period

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The holiday season is close, which means businesses need to start preparing early for the seasonal sales period to reach their sales goals or to get ahead of their competition in the market and create a positive customer experience. Nobody would have anticipated that one day eCommerce would dominate the retail market. But now the day has come and the business has changed the methodology and strategies. Developing online shopping has become more important, especially to avoid losses and keep your business alive during the Covid-19. So many brands and stores have moved their services online. If seen, it can prove to be a very good and profitable idea for your business. If you want to prepare your business for the seasonal sales period then you can go with these 11 steps. 

1. Start Planning as soon as possible (ASAP)

Keep in mind never to leave the preparation for the last minute for seasonal sales. In order for you to be ready for the upcoming seasonal sales periods, you should first plan and start them, which will be very profitable for your business sales. Your tasks should include the necessary human resources, time, promotion, budget for that particular period. Because advance preparation of the coming event will save lots of your time and give a clear picture and planning about the execution of the work. Then you are ready to start doing seasonal sales when your competitors are busy doing plannings and setups. Start today and take advantage of the preparations as well as increase your sales. 

2. Determine your Seasonal Budget

Budget is a term that is considered one of the least enjoyable parts of managing a business. But if you want to be successful, budgeting should be part of your strategy. Once you make a forecast and know how many sales you can make, it will be a very wise decision to set a seasonal budget for your business. Be sure to think about your planned marketing efforts as well as how much money you want to spend on them. Also, consider whether you will need to hire additional staff in your business or improve the product before the holiday season begins. Budgeting for costs ahead of time means that you will not be affected by surprising expenses down the track. The budget helps to give you a complete picture of what your profits will look like at the end of the season.

3. Set a Promotional Plan

You should know that almost every business in the market will be intensifying its promotional efforts over the holiday period, so it already pays for a well-thought-out promotional strategy for the business. Focus on your unique selling proposition, wondering what you can offer your customers that other businesses cannot. Highlight any new or seasonal products or features that are likely to attract customers around you. This can be a new product line, product packages, or offers such as free shipping or discount codes for email customers.

4. Optimize your Marketing Strategy

The purpose of optimizing the marketing strategy for your business is to analyze your business objectives and target audience to make an accurate investment in digital marketing. To run a successful business, you need an effective marketing strategy and smart technology. It allows businesses to grow higher by advertising their brand and presenting their products online.

5. Manage Seasonal Inventory

As you can understand from the name, seasonal inventories are products that have special demand during certain seasons or holidays. The fact is, of course, that no one can estimate the quantity of subsequent demand with 100% accuracy. But analyzing the sales figures of previous years can give you a clear picture. Therefore, you should reposition your best-selling products to meet customer demand in that particular period.

6. Streamline Inventory Operations with Back Ordering to Optimize Sales

To convert sales orders into purchase orders, you prepare for the holiday season using back-ordering and directly track the shipping status of those orders. This pre-order listing and timely completion of orders will enhance your customer experience as well as optimize your seasonal sales results.

7. Map your Returns and Exchange Policy

For most businesses, the gifting season equates to an inevitable increase in returns and exchanges. Define the return and exchange policy for the holiday period. So that you can manage stock levels more accurately, and create holding space for returned items. So that they can be efficiently inspected and resold if possible.

8. Offer Minimum Order Quantity

During this process, of course, the seller tries to sell more and more units. The minimum order quantity can help to better estimate your revenue and improve cash flow. It makes perfect sense for you to set a Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) for the upcoming holiday season and sell more units at lower prices. On the other hand, offering lower MOQ will encourage many customers to place orders.

9. Shipping On-Time

As a rule, if we think from the customer’s point of view, the customer expects you to receive the order on the specified day. If you deliver late, you will probably lose most of your customers forever and create a negative image in your nails. Improving your shipping strategy will definitely boost collaboration with buyers and increase credibility. Additionally, on-time shipping not only affects customers but also tells a lot about supply chain efficiency and the entire company.

10. Keep an Eye on your Competitors

Competition is an important factor in any field. Do not refuse to learn from your competitors. Be sure to take a look at the competitors to see how your main competition prepared for the holiday season and how they function or manage to stay ahead of the market. It does not matter what kind of business you have analyzed for your competitors. This will help you build a powerful and effective strategy and increase your sales. You would also like to read: 10 Tricks to Increase Sales during this Festive Season!

11. Be Creative

Creative thinking is important in today’s retail world to be a businessman who is growing so fast and where everything is changing day by day. Thinking outside the box can give you a unique experience in the market and increase your brand awareness and enthusiasm among customers. Small and medium-sized business owners especially need to be very creative in order to defeat big brands, as well as to get more customers.

We hope that this blog will help you know how to prepare your business for the seasonal sales period and what steps should be taken for it. 

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