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17 Reasons Why Every Small Business should Market on Social Media

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Wondering if you should market on social media like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.? What if I tell you that over 60% of users on social media discover products for the first time on social media. If you’re not taking advantage of social, you’re missing out on a fast, inexpensive, and effective way to reach almost half the world’s population.

In case that didn’t convince you to start social media marketing,

Here are 17 reasons that should get you more excited about this huge growing marketing opportunity especially in a country like India.

 About 40% of the world’s population is on social media.

 That’s 3.2 billion users worldwide!

 Facebook, the largest social media platform in the world, has 2.4 billion users.

 Other social media platforms including Youtube and Whatsapp also have more than one billion users each.

 1 out of 3 people is on social media.

With this amount of people on social media, don’t you think it is the best place to market your products?

This is why social media marketing is given priority over any other way of marketing among big companies! 



We all look online once before buying something, don’t we?

When you showcase your products and services on social media, a lot of people will see it, so whatever you’re posting, you’re getting in front of your viewers. When they find it useful, they buy it.

1 out of 3 social media users is likely to purchase products online. This reassures us that people aren’t just using social media to like photos of their friend’s dog. They’re on social media looking for brands and products that might be useful to them.



Guess what? Your competition is already increasing on social media day by day, so don’t let your competitor businesses take away your potential customers. The earlier you start, the faster you see the growth in your business. Start to market on social media!



 Every age group is using social media.

 Every income level is using social media.

 Every education level is using social media.

 Every location (rural, suburban, urban) is using social media.

Never miss out on them! Start social media marketing.



When people want to learn about your business, one of the very first things they do is look online particularly check your social media accounts. This is why social media marketing is so crucial to maintain for every small business owner!

It’s the reputation you maintain online that matters.



Social media marketing is possibly the most cost-effective way of marketing your small business. You can create an account and sign up for free on almost all social networking platforms.

But if you decide to use paid advertising on social media, you can even start with a budget as low as Rs. 100. Just by investing a little money and time, you can significantly increase your conversion rates and ultimately get a return on investment on the money that you primarily invested.



Not only are there lakhs of users on social media, but you can target specific people.

For eg, You may want to sell hair accessories to women or you may want to sell men wallets to the men who fall into an age group of 25- 55 in Bangalore, social media provides you all such options

Also, social media provides a direct line of communication for them to speak with you and vice versa! Awesome! isn’t it?



Social media has an upper hand over traditional media because it can get your products and services in front of lakhs of people much more quickly and easily.

Furthermore, it gets your audience looking at what you want to sell even when they aren’t thinking about your brand or product. That’s one of the best things about social media marketing!

However, if you’d like to go the extra mile and promote it further, paying for promotion will help increase exposure. You can promote your business on Facebook for any budget.



When you’re on social media, you are visible worldwide, not just to your locality. Bigger opportunity knocks your door.



Customers these days reach out to social media for help. When you’re on social media, you can respond to them right away that build trust in them. With nearly half of Indian customers using social media to ask questions about products or services, having a social media customer service strategy is extremely important.

Social media is a good way of engaging and interacting with customers. The more you communicate with your customers, the better is the chance of breaking the deal.



When someone wants to buy a product, they look online for reviews. They consider it as a personal recommendation.

It is proven that the products with good reviews sell 3 times better than the others. Having a social media presence on Facebook and other platforms make it easy for your satisfied customers to write a good review about you. This is definitely a good thing for a small business owner like you to attract sales.



You can share live, current updates about your business on your social media accounts and keep your customers informed. Many times, when your customers don’t hear from you, they just choose your competitors.

For eg: Let’s say you’re introducing a new product in your business, you can let your customers know about it by posting on social media. Or let’s say you are changing your store location, you can update it on social media which reaches more people than you would otherwise have.



Social Media actually gives you the chance to interact with your customers and learn more about them and get feedback. You can use platforms like Facebook, Instagram to learn the wants and needs of your potential customers directly from them.



One of the other benefits of Social Media is that it also helps increase your website traffic. Your potential customers are already searching on Google to find information about your business.

One of the benefits of setting up profiles on social media is that it allows you to appear on the first page of Google.



By observing the activities of visitors on your social media profile, you can see what customers’ like and are interested in that you might not know otherwise if you didn’t have a social media presence.

Also, regularly interacting with your customers proves that you and your business care about them.



No matter what you sell, social media can help you sell it better.

It’s not all talk; real small businesses are making real results through social media!



Yes, it’s free and fun to create social media profiles and post pictures/content about your products and services the way you want on it. It’s easy and doesn’t require a social media marketing professional to do it. Anybody even with little or no educational qualification can do it.

Of course, that’s why half the population of the world is on it!

All in all, if you’re a small business and you do not have a Social media account for your business, you’re missing out! Moreover, you can’t afford not being there! Come on, start to market on social media right away.

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