4 Big Inventory Mistakes You Could Be Making in Your Small Business!

1. Not stocking what your customers want.
2. Placing new stocks visibly ahead of the old unsold ones.
3. Over-stocking or under-stocking your inventory.
4. Not adopting Inventory Software to manage it.

Stock Summary Report” of Vyapar App helps you avoid such mistakes effortlessly.

Where to find “Stock Summary Report” in Vyapar App?

Go to Reports > Item/Stock Reports > Stock Summary Report

Have Vyapar App?

How to use “Stock Summary Report” of Vyapar App?

On the “Stock Summary Report”, Select the DATE on which you want to see your stock details. Choose “Item Category” (if you have any!) to see items details category-wise.

Here’s what gets displayed –

✔ All your items with their remaining count.

  1. Use this to check what items need immediate re-ordering & easily avoid “out-of-stock” issues.
  2. It also shows which of your items sells the fastest and slowest.
  3. Accordingly, you can stock more of fast-selling items, less of slow-selling ones.

✔ You can also see, money held up by each of your inventory items (Stock Value). 


67% of Vyaparis use the “Stock Summary Report” of Vyapar to  decide inventory purchases.


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