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4 Reasons To Keep Your Business Expenses Under Check

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1. Find out the more accurate and complete list of expenses you are spending the highest money on. It helps to measure & control unexpected expenses.
2. Keeping expenses under check making it easier to look for possible fraud made by employees filling the reports and the accounting staff. 
3. Having faster reports provides the opportunity to verify whether the expenses made on the time or not. It helps to cut down the problems can arise in the future due to nonpayment or delay. 
4. Tracking expenses help to measure the estimated budget of expenses for the upcoming month/ quarter/ year. If an expense is high at the starting of the month, you can prepare and spend less on expenses for the rest of the month.

“Expense Transaction Report” of the Vyapar App helps to keep transaction-to-transaction tracking of expenditures in business.

Where to find “Expense Transaction Report” & how to use it in the Vyapar App?

Go to Reports > Expense Report > “Expense Transaction Report”

Have Vyapar App?

How to use it?

On the “Expense Transaction Report” screen, select the Dates OR Time Duration you like to see the details on. 

 Shows the list of all expense transactions you’ve made within this duration along with the transaction date. Filter them down by “Expense Category” too.
 Shows the amount of Expense of each transaction. 
 Shows the total amount of expense you’ve made.
 You can export these details as PDF or XLS format and share it with people who matter.

72% of Vyaparis uses “Expense Transaction Report” to keep expenses under check and increase business profitability by making advance budget for upcoming expenses.

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