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5 New Changes in the E-Way Billing System

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With the new changes in E-Way Bill system, it becomes even more easier for taxpayers and transporters to generate E-Way Bills starting 23rd April 2019.

Here are the 5 major changes that makes your life easier:

The e-waybill system will auto calculate and display the distance between the supplier and receiver addresses.

  • You will be allowed to increase the distance only up to 10% more than the displayed distance.
  • In case the supplier and receiver have the same pin code, you can enter the distance up to 100 KMS.
    For example, if the system has shown the distance between Place A and B, based on the PIN Codes, as 655 KMs, you’re allowed to enter the actual distance up to 720KMs (655KMs + 65KMs).
  • In case you enter the wrong pin code, you will get an error. It will then be reviewed by the department

E-way Bill can be generated only once for a particular invoice. Generating multiple E-Way Bills on one invoice is not allowed.

  • Nobody is allowed to generate more than one E-way bill for an invoice. Not even receiver & transporter.
  • One invoice, one E-way bill policy is followed.

You can extend your E-Way Bill in case your goods are in movement.

  • When you want an extension, you must choose either “Consignment in transit” or “Consignment in movement”.
  • When you select “In transit”, you need to enter the address of the place.
  • If you choose “in movement”, you need to enter the place and vehicle details from where the extension is required.

Composition Dealers are not allowed to generate E-way bill for inter-state movement of goods

  • If you’re a composite scheme user, you will not be allowed to enter details of CGST and SGST.
  • Also, document type – Tax Invoice will not be enabled.

You can now view the list of e-Way Bills about to expire

  • You can now view the list of e-Way Bills about to expire in a period of 4 days.  (From current date (T) then (T)-1, (T)+1, (T)+2).
    For example: If today’s date is 25th April, you can see the list of e-Way Bills which expire/expired on 25th, 24th, 26th & 27th of April.
  • You can now keep track of expiry dates for each of your inter-state deliveries.

What do you think about these changes? Comment below.

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