5 Reasons Why Tracking Cashflow Daily is Necessary For Business Growth!

1. Monitoring cash flow regularly helps avoid 55% of business risks.
2. You can find out where you stand financially.
3. You’ll know on what days sales are high/low.
4. Measuring cash flow makes it 2X times easier to run your business.
5. More than 90% of successful businesses track their income daily.

Day Book” of Vyapar App helps you track cashflow effortlessly

Where to find “Day Book” & How to use it in Vyapar App??

Go to Reports > Transaction Report > Daybook.

Have Vyapar App?

On the Day Book screen, Select the DAY you like to see the details on

  1. Shows all the business transactions that happened on that day.
  2. Shows how much “money” you received and paid on that day.
  3. You can export these details as PDF or XLS & share it with people who matter.

72% of Vyaparis say “Day Book” of Vyapar has made tracking cashflow faster & easier.


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