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5 Tips for Better Invoice, Faster Payment and Better Business

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Did you know? An Invoice can speak a lot about your Business.

Here are few tips that can bring in success to you and your Business.

TIP #1
Adding Signatures and LOGO to your invoices can make your Business instantly look more Authentic. Because of which,  
95% of the Top Companies have got their LOGO on all their Invoices.

TIP #2
Invoices get easier to read by 40% when the long decimals and numbers are rounded off to its nearest whole number
. Moreover, It looks cleaner and well-formed.

TIP #3
Never hand write the “Paid Amount” and “Balance Remaining” on your Invoice. Instead, getting them in printed form makes it more professional. For this reason, probability of getting the payment cleared by customers increases by nearly 

TIP #4
A thank you /custom note at the end of the invoice pleases your customer to a great extent. In fact, 
8 out of 10 Customers are impressed by the message sent to them through invoice.

TIP #5
Stating the Due Date on invoices creates a sense of urgency in customers mind which helps you get paid faster by 

Regardless,  your Invoice has a dominating effect on your Business Reputation.

Lastly, have a Good Time Invoicing.

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