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5 Uses of Tracking “Business Purchases” You May Not Know About!

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Business! A place where you buy and sell items/services to make a profit. So, to know your gain, you must know “how much” and “where” you’ve spent. But, it’s not just for this reason you need to track your business purchases made. There are other advantages too.

By Tracking Business Purchases, you can also

You may be spending on something that is not giving you enough returns or is simply getting wasted.
Eg: Imagine you’re purchasing 100 liters of milk out of which 10 goes unsold every day. You can easily identify this loss when you’re tracking purchases and sales. Trust me, doing this saves you a lot!

Tracking Business Purchases helps you to identify bad investments!


There might be people who are misleading you.
Eg: Imagine a vendor from whom you purchased 5 bags of cement charges you for 7 instead, during settlement time! If you’re tracking purchases made, then you have the proof to prove them wrong, else you’ll lose money to them.

Tracking Business Purchases helps you to find out frauds of any kind!


In business, it’s quite easy to go out of your spending limits.
Eg: Imagine that you spent a lot on inventory that you think would make profits and end up not having money to pay your rent. Freaks you out, isn’t it?

Tracking Business Purchases helps to keep your budget in check!


It’s pretty easy to forget “how much” you’ve spent on what.
Eg: Imagine you have spent on re-stocking cement bags in your business and sometime later you have no clue where you’ve spent your money on. This happens to most of us!

Tracking Business Purchases helps to know how much you’ve spent on what instantly.


When you do not know what’s happening today, you can’t plan what must happen tomorrow!
Eg: Imagine you invested in 4 items, and only 2 of them are selling well while others are not. Such information is necessary to make upcoming investment decisions else you’ll end up making useless investments.

Tracking Business Purchases helps to make informed business purchase decisions.


Unfortunately, growing businesses will find it very difficult to track business purchases made by paper or Excel. Spreadsheets and a pile of papers are not only painful but also time-consuming.

Did You Know – 80% of businesses make yearly purchase mistakes that can be easily prevented by using Business Accounting App like Vyapar App.


Here’s Why You Should Use Vyapar App to Track your Business Purchases –
 Monitoring business purchases on software requires less time compared to tracking them on paper/excel sheet.
At a glance, you can see all the purchase details you want to see, while excel can’t get you that level of information.
 Any purchase discrepancies can easily be identified & fixed. Softwares help you to track back at each and every purchase instantly and show the details of it.
 Tracking purchases can be done anytime, from any device, anywhere if it’s done digitally.

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