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5 Ways to improve your customer relationship and increase sales!

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Customer is the KING! If you mess with him, you’re inviting disaster to your small business. If you wish to grow your small business, it is important to connect with them and build a good customer relationship. 76% of successful small businesses have good customer relationships according to a recent study.
Would you like to visit a shop where you’re treated badly? Obviously not! So does your customers.

Here are the 5 simple ways to improve your customer satisfaction and hence build better customer relationship!

1. Talk/Listen to Customers

Communication is the key to any good relationship. It is very important to make your customers feel good. Talking to your customers about their shopping experience is a must. Listening to them is a double must. This should be a part of your customer service.

Find out what they need, then show them a solution if you have one, or bring it in as soon as possible.
Train your staff to provide better customer service. Ask them to talk politely with customers and help them shop better. Make sure that your customer’s needs are met.

2. Impress your Customers

Raise the bar on what your business offers. When you impress them, they come back.
For eg: Surprise them with a free goodie. Send a “Thank you” SMS, send their GST invoice on WhatsApp and make it easy for them to access it. Send them exclusive offers. Give FREE home delivery. 

These may be a little extra cost for you, but it’s totally worth it!

3. Get feedback from customers

Know whether they had a good experience or a bad one with your business. Place feedback cards on your billing counter. Be ready to receive compliments or complaints positively.  Know where you’re lacking behind and make improvements. The better you meet their needs, the more your business will grow. Never forget to address your customers concerns. Losing 1 Customer = Losing 100 Potential Customers. Provide good customer service.

4. Connect with Customers

Adopting technology into your business helps you to connect with your customers the easy way. There are many software tools like Vyapar App using which you can save your customers’ data digitally. You can create GST invoices for your customer and easily share them on Whatsapp, SMS, Email. It is always easy to reach them via WhatsApp.

Sending Bulk promotional messages, transaction details, Payment reminders becomes a piece of cake when you’re digitally equipped. Having digital business data makes customer service easy.

5. Reward your Customers.

People like to be rewarded. It makes them stick to the brand. Make your long-customer feel better by rewarding them. Use a business app like Vyapar to track your most loyal customers. This will motivate them to shop more with you. They become even more loyal and will refer their friends and family to your store. This is surely a success!

Also give away inexpensive goodies, such as pens or notepads with your logo on it. It’s an effective way to say thank you to customers while bringing in customer satisfaction.

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Happy Vyaparing!!!

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