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7 Easy Tips To Make Your Sales Profitable 2X Faster!

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  1. Identify what sells best and at what price you are making a profit.

  2. Analyse profit/loss for individual sale invoice on daily basis.

  3. Identify the invoices making loss and find out the reasons of such losses.

  4. Discover itrems that should generate profit for you, try to sell them first. 

  5. Understand the “selling potential” of items & reprice the stock items according to their high sale prices to gain more margin.

  6. Discover the items with higher cost and lower sale price. Create new selling prices of items that tend to be generating losses.

  7. Watch your competition: If they’re selling items at an unreasonable lesser rate and making a profit, try to buy those products at a lesser price from different vendors to gain a profit margin.

Bill Wise Profit/Loss” Report of Vyapar App helps you identify the most profitable Invoices using your sales history.

Where to Find “Bill Wise Profit/Loss” Report in Vyapar App?

Go to Reports > Transactions > Bill Wise Profit

Have Vyapar App?

How to use it?

On the “Bill Wise Profit/Loss Report”, Select the time duration you like to see the details like today, this week, this month, this quarter, this financial year, or custom date.

  • Shows all sale invoices generated in this duration.

  • Shows “profit/loss” incurred by invoices

  • You can filter this with the party name if required.

  • Shows the total sales amount and Total profit/loss incurred in this duration.

  • You can get detailed information about a particular invoice with a single click on it.

  • You can also share and save this information in Excel & PDF formats.

72% of Vyaparis say “Bill Wise Profit/Loss Report‘‘ of Vyapar has made their business 2X profitable by helping them make improved decisions about Selling price.

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