8 out of 10 Businesses Face Inventory Losses! Here’s How To Avoid It!

1. Regularly count your inventory to ensure nothing’s gone missing.
2. Record product details like Expiry date, batch number, etc to easy-pick the right ones while selling.
3. Track sales, update inventory totals on a regular basis.
4. Evaluate what products are moving and what is not. Stock items accordingly!
5. Sell Old/Expiring stocks before new ones.
6. Predict demand based on previous sales to know how much of each product you must keep on hand.
7. Balance between inventory costs and inventory profits.
8. Manage your business’ inventory digitally.
9. Inventory Software like Vyapar App provides you with critical business details to help you prevent inventory losses.

Item Detail Report” of Vyapar App gives you date-wise information about your items & helps you track them better.

Where to find “Item Detail Report” in Vyapar App?

Go to Reports > Item/Stock Report > Item Detail Report
item detail report of inventory management software

Have Vyapar App?

How to use it?

On the Item Detail Report Screen, Select the Time Duration and the Item Name you like to see the details on –

Shows the quantity of the item you sold each day during the time period.
Shows the quantity of the item you purchased each day during the time period.
Shows the quantity of the item you adjusted each day during the time period.
✔ Shows the closing quantity of the item on each day during the time period.

84% of Vyaparis say “Item Detail Report” of Vyapar App has helped them prevent unnecessary inventory losses effortlessly.

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