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8 Ways how to operate your small business easily with a smartphone

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In today’s time, smartphones are so powerful and now it is possible to run your business completely from your smartphone when the new technology is coming into the world day by day. Being a business owner from sending invoices to online meetings and all the needs of the business, you can easily do it only through your phone. Do you also want to know how to operate your business activities with your smartphone, then we have tried to explain some ways below. 

1. Pay via Mobile Phone

Today, many online paying mobile apps and mobile card processing readers are available. If you want most of your payment to be done from mobile, now there are also very cheap and convenient ways of processing payments. Also, if you have a smartphone or tablet because through them you are fully capable of making all kinds of payments. Apart from this, in many cases, you can also process contactless payments, which include many like Apple Pay, Google Pay, Paytm, Amazon Pay, Airtel Money, and Phone Pay. While many services require you to have an internet connection, some apps such as pay-offline payments allow you to make offline payments. They can be completed later when you go online again.

2. Attend Meetings Online

If you have to take a meeting professionally and you are wondering how to deal with this situation, we cannot go out because of Covid-19, then to continue your business meetings, you can go through a smartphone. You Can use Google Meeting, Zoom app, Slack., You can easily schedule and participate in online meetings through multiple apps like telepresence. only for this, your device must be connected to the internet from anywhere. A popular app is Skype, which provides telephone and video-conferencing capabilities for free worldwide. Using Wi-Fi on Skype on your smartphone can prevent you from burning those “prime time” minutes. Furthermore, by sharing your screen through these online meeting apps, you make it easy to collaborate in the exchange of documents.

3. Protect against Risks and Save Money

With the help of mobile phones, you have found a good way to run the business without any need in the way of hardware. planning to manage the business from a smartphone will help you as-

  • You will no longer need a physical office to run your business
  • Save your precious time and reduce your overheads along with saving money
  • Thinking about your data is your first priority.
  • As well as get rid of many problems faced in the business like making paper pen invoices
  • With the data backup make your business free from any disaster like storm, flood, earthquake, fire, etc.,

By making such plans, you can give freedom to your business with the help of smartphones.

4. Become More Creative with Communication 

Whenever it comes to communicating with your team members, there is more than one way to receive and send messages. Sometimes when you want to send the same message to many people at once, You can send messages to as many people as you want at once through email, WhatsApp business, etc. But With the help of a smartphone, you can easily create videos and send them over email or WhatsApp, which will save your time typing while sending a message. Also, you can explain your message well to your employees through audio/ video.

5. Manage Your Finances Easily

You can easily store all your financial data and make it available on your smartphone with the help of accounting software like the Vyapar App for your small business. If you are ever traveling, having fun with your friends, at a party or a meeting, then you have to prepare your bank account details, challan and send it to someone, make a record, Sales will have to be analyzed, any report will have to be examined. Whether sending a business card or greeting, etc., you can work very easily through your smartphone without any delay. With which you will not have to compromise with your personal life, as well as you will be able to give time to your business.

6. In Any Case, Do Not Forget to Backup Your Data

If your smartphone does not have a lot of data storage, then being a business owner you need to think about making your data back if anything happens. You can upgrade your phone with a large data card(memory card). If you run your business primarily from your phone, you can use accounting software such as a business app to secure data on cloud storage. That way, even if you lose your phone or break it completely, all your important business files will be safe.

7. Keep all Safety Measures in Mind

Thinking about the security of your business, first of all, make sure that you keep all those devices safe with work information. The security of all your business devices via smartphone is not limited to installing only a screen lock, password, PIN code, fingerprint ID, setting up the application to search any device so that if for any reason you lost your device you can find it back. Find out the level of security that suits you and the information stored on your device. Beware of sensitive work information on your device and wherever possible avoid crossover between personal and work accounts while accessing the mobile application on your device.

8. Create and Organize All Your Documents

Today digital creation, modification, storage, and distribution of documents have led to core competencies in doing business to create and organize your business documents. Now you can leave the computer behind and do all your work through your smartphone. Mobile apps such as Evernote, Documents to Go, Google Doc, Adobe, and Google Drive allow you to create and edit text-based documents (characters, memos, spreadsheets, and beyond) and slide shows. On the advice of one; You choose an app for your business that is compatible with documents created on your primary computer, and store your work online so that every device you use is available on a computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc. 

We hope that this information will definitely help you understand how to conduct your business from your smartphone.

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