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9 Types of Small Business Insurance and What it Covers

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None of us can predict the future. We never know what happens next. Good or bad, we need to deal with what’s thrown at us. If you’re smart enough, you will prepare yourself for the bad things that can possibly happen to you and your business.

Just like you, for many, business is their life. They earn their bread and butter out of it. Their fate is decided by their business. If the business goes down, they go down too. Hence, it is always wise to safeguard your business with the right insurance it needs.

Insurance protects the SMEs from fire, theft and a lot of uncertainties. You can’t afford being uncovered during a disaster that may hugely affect your finances. The coverage your company requires depends on things such as the industry, your location, number of employees, and size. You need to assess your need for policy depending on the potential risks based on the type of environment in which you operate.

Here are 9 Types of Insurance and What it Covers.

  1. General Liability Insurance

    This is a basic one every business owner should have. It protects your business from a “general” claims such as liability loss & property damage including bodily injury, lawsuits, investigations and settlements. Whether you operate from a professional space or from your house, you should definitely have this.

    What does it cover?
    It covers medical expenses and lawyer fees resulting from bodily injuries and property damage for which your business may be legally responsible. Almost every business has a need for this policy.

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  2. Property Damage Insurance

    When you’re running a business, your business property, where you sell items/services and store your inventory, is your second home. It all starts and ends there. Any disturbance, major or minor on your business property, can have a negative effect on the daily functioning of your business.

    For eg, a fire outbreak will not only damage the building but also the stock and machinery and equipment inside it. This would call upon huge financial losses, interrupt the daily functioning of your business and interrupt your transactions with customers. If your business is not sufficiently insured against property damage, the recovery cost will fall entirely on you. That’s why you need this policy to protect your property.

    What does it cover?
    This helps you pay the repair or replacement cost of any damage to your business property like equipment, inventory, and furniture in the event of a fire, storm, riot or theft.

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  3. Vehicle Policy

Well, this is a mandatory Buy. Govt of India demands you to have all the vehicle used for your business insured. Nevertheless, if your employees are using their private vehicles, their personal policy will cover them during an accident or other damages.

What does it cover?
Vehicle policy provides protection against any damage caused to your vehicle or the driver or to a third-party in case of road incidents like an accident, fire, theft, etc.

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    4. Employee Policy

The injury or death of your employee during the course of his/her work is dangerous for your business. It is not only about the expenses arising out of injuries or illness to staff but also there is a possibility that the employee’s family can sue you. If their loss is severe, the payment can go beyond your ability to pay, making you bankrupt. For this reason, in most countries, especially abroad, this policy is a mandatory buy.

What does it cover?
This policy helps you cover the expenses arising out of injuries or illness to employees. It also covers the legal costs faced by the company if your employee’s family decides to file a legal case on you. It is beneficial to both you and your employees, as the plan addresses the problems of both the parties.

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5. Legal Liability Insurance

It is not a rare thing to have conflicts with its clients/customers/vendors. Some disputes will become so big that you may want to take it to the court. Or sometimes when you become responsible for someone else’s losses, you may have to compensate the person or entity. Also, in case this goes legal, you have to pay huge legal fees. Without this, the entire legal expense will be on you.

What does it cover?
This will cover all the legal expenses arising out of conflicts in dealing with a third party person/entity. If a third party sustains any injury, damage or death due to the services offered by you, the possibility of expenses is higher. To bear those legal expenses, this comes handy.

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6. Product Liability Insurance

If you’re into manufacturing, this policy is necessary. Your product may cause damage to consumers. In those cases, this comes handy.

What does it cover?
It covers the legal expenses arising due to damages caused to consumers by your products.

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7. Business Interruption Policy

This type of policy is designed for a company that requires a physical location such as retail shops. Sometimes, during a natural disaster or riot, it becomes difficult for your staff to come to work, it will lead to interruptions that brings loss of income. This protects the business against such financial losses due to an interruption of the normal course of your operations.

What does it cover?
It covers the losses due to an interruption of the normal operation of your company due to fire and natural calamity.

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8. Errors and Omissions Insurance

Sometimes, due to your negligence in providing services, you might gain hatred of your customers who may even deny to pay you. There will be a lack of cash flow which affects the normal functioning of your company.

What does it cover?
This takes care of any losses that you may have faced because of errors made and negligence in rendering any services.

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9. Customized Insurance:

Some insurance is specific to certain kinds of businesses and is tailor-made for their needs. 

What does it cover?
For instance, petrol pump owners can opt for Petrol Pump Insurance, restaurant owners can choose Restaurant Insurance and warehouse owners can choose Warehouse Insurance.

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Every Policy comes with a premium and deductible. Premium is the amount you pay for availing the policy benefits while deductible is a pre-decided amount that you agree to pay at the time of claim. Simply put, lower the deductible you pay, the higher your premium will be or vice versa. It is for the owners of small enterprises to carefully take into consideration and assess the needs of their business as they have extensive financial exposure in case of any loss.

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