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About Us

Hello Vyapari,

Welcome to Vyapar ! We are a platform that is dedicated to solving the Business Accounting needs of the small businesses.

Our aim has been to make accounting accessible for everyone, without you having to worry about loosing time in learning the platform, we have built an application that can be used by anyone ( with or without prior accounting knowledge ) and anywhere, via mobile or desktop.

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You won’t have to worry about lack of internet access or connectivity to use it as it is an Offline application and can be used anywhere. Since it is offline, it also ensures the safety of your data, keeping it accessible only to the user. Not even Vyapar can access it.

Here are some of the top features you can use Vyapar for

1- Manage your payments & transactions and track them seamlessly with payment reminders.

2- Manage your inventory better with multiple customization options for your specific business.

3-  Create & Print Invoices with multiple formats and themes on various printer types.

4- Visit  Vyapar to discover more, or download the app

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We have a super dedicated team who is always available to solve your queries and concerns. You can contact us via email on contact@vyaparapp.in. 

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Happy Vyaparing!!!