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Are you counting cash instead of making cash? Business – say NO to Accounting!!!

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Look, you didn’t start your Business to track MONEY— you opened it to make MONEY. isn’t it?

Certainly,  starting up on your own mean, you’ll need to run everything from serving customers, purchasing inventory, billing and many such tasks which is often a tough job for anyone. Along with that you also have to manage your cash flow which is an extremely critical task.  Being a Business owner, making sure that the cash wheel is rotating smoothly could be a challenge.

We’ve often heard the words – “cash is king”. I beg to differ. Cash is not the king, knowing how to handle is!

A majority of Business think it’s all right to hand over everything to their accountant.

This means, leaving the most intimate financial details and Business control with someone else. Personally, I think this is a big mistake as there is always a risk factor associated with it. Moreover, shouldn’t you control your business being the owner of it rather than your accountant? Shouldn’t you be making the decisions instead of your Accountant blabbering over your business who knows just the numbers in it? THINK!

I’m neither asking you to do accountant’s job all by yourself. Learning accounting looks beneficial, but is it worth your time? BTW, learning accounting or having accountant isn’t compulsory to run your Business efficiently. It’s a MYTH. You just need to be smart enough to manage your business using the right tools.

As a matter of fact, there are few amazing software tools that simply automates such routine tasks.  Fortunately, for this reason, we have Business Management software like Vyapar that provide better ways to manage all the business needs. It lets you perform all your business related operations in a simple way processing all the accounting tasks in the background giving you complete control over your Business. It also helps you within extracting relevant data that could be given to accountant to carry on real accounting tasks like filing returns, etc. Consequently, you get more time to focus on business, make predictions about the future based on the reports generated.

As a matter of fact, Business needs the metrics on business growth, profits, and tax. That’s it! Why do you have to bother about the things that your Accountant can take care of? Be Smart! Take your own decision on your Business. Don’t get influenced by accountants and business seeking accountant. According to the survey, 11% of Business fail due to the malpractice by the accountants and the invalid judgment from them. Don’t you think, that being a Business you can make a better judgment on your business?

Well, In the end, making money is all that matters for a Business isn’t it?

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