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Best Business Ideas in Bihar Village Area

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Best Business Ideas in Bihar Village Area

Bihar offers unlimited opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses. Known for its agricultural sector and livestock farming, Bihar is a leading manufacturer of pulses, electrical goods, Masur, shoes, and cotton yarn. 

Along with that, Bihar also has one of the best fishing grounds in the country and is extremely rich in cattle population. The state has over 90,000 weavers and is well-known for its silk. Bhagalpur, Nalanda, Siwan, Patna, Gaya, Madhubani, and Darbhanga are some districts of Bihar with a strong cluster of traditional handlooms.

Following are the best business ideas in Bihar for a profitable future: 

1. Beauty Salon

This is one of the best and highly profitable business ideas in Bihar. In recent years, the beauty market in Bihar has witnessed tremendous growth. There is a great demand for fancy salons in several areas of Bihar. Before you start this business, you need to keep a few things in mind. 

The location of your salon should be busy and easily reachable. You should have the required skills and expertise to succeed in this field. This business idea requires an investment of around 1,00,000 INR to 1,25,000 INR. 

2. Computer Training Institute 

Bihar’s literacy rate is going up. This has led to an increased demand for some great computer training institutes. Establishing an institute with computer courses can be a great investment. Ensure you have deep knowledge and understanding of all the programming languages, operating systems, and coding. 

You can also hire some instructors for advanced courses. You can even partner with various schools and colleges for better results. The investment required for this business can go as high as 3,00,000 INR but you can expect high returns. 

3. Wheat Processing

Also called chakki, wheat processing is another profitable business idea in Bihar. To start this business, you just need an appropriate location and a grain processing machine. You will get this machine at a very affordable price, and it is quite easy to install.  

Contrary to popular belief, this business is very profitable and exceptionally easy to manage. There are limited risks, and you require a low investment of 1,00,000 INR. 

4. Fish Farming

If you are planning to shift to Bihar, then the fishery business can be a great opportunity for you. Bihar has more than 9,00,000 acres of wetland, and the fish farming sector is emerging rapidly in the state. 

Bihar has a number of aquatic resources, be it ponds or tanks. Even the Bihar Government is offering financial requirements to open more ponds. With the government’s support, you can expect your fishery business to flourish. 

5. Cafes and Restaurants

Opening up a cafe or restaurant outside schools, colleges, offices, or in any other crowded area is a great idea. You might require a lot of investment to get your cafe and restaurant running, but after offering excellent service and delicious food, you can count on high returns. 

The investment needed for this business can range between 5,00,000 INR to 7,00,000 INR. You also need to remember that this business will start to profit you only after a year. 

6. Renting Agency

This is not only one of the most profitable business ideas in Bihar, but also one of the easiest. Once you have started, you will find more and more opportunities every day. You can rent things on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. 

You can rent out anything from party items, clothes, bikes, cars to toys, books, and furniture. The investment required for this business usually depends on what you are going to rent. You can expect it to be between 5,000 INR to 10,000 INR. 

7. Transport Business

This can be another profitable business idea for young entrepreneurs. It is not expensive, and you need only 2-3 vehicles to begin with. You can either transport food, vegetables, milk, other food items or provide cab and bus services to locals.

Depending on the type of vehicle you will be using, the investment will range between 3,00,000 INR to 5,00,000 INR. 

8. Xerox and Printing Shop

This is a great small-scale business in Bihar. The most important thing to keep in mind before starting this business is the location. This business can be really promising if you open your shop near a college, school, or government office.

With an investment of just 1,00,000 INR, you can expect this business to pay you handsomely.  

# Conclusion

With a sound marketing plan and strategy, competitor analysis, in-depth research, and demographic survey, you can very easily run a successful business in Bihar. Even though the state has some great business expanding opportunities, it can be challenging to start a business. With Vyapar, you can simplify this process and manage your business easily. 

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