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Looking for an accounting software to manage your cash flow?
At first glance, it might appear that all accounting software is pretty much the same. But, chances are that very few accounting software will exactly match your business’s needs.

For this reason, you need to understand 3 things:
1. Firstly, not all Accounting Softwares is built for a businessman like you.
( Many are built for accounting professionals)

2. Secondly, not all Accounting Softwares understands how your business operates.
( They are made for Non-Indian Businesses)

3. Thirdly, not all Accounting Softwares can be handled without any special training.
( They are so complex that you might Learn accounting only to understand the software )

Given these points, if you need an Accounting Software that is simple, straightforward, accurate, and quick for all your bookkeeping needs helping you run the business without any hiccups, go for Vyapar.

Vyapar is designed for Small Businesses, simple to understand and the accounting concepts are completely Indian. This helps you manage your cash flow in little time proving it as the smartest software to go for. And many businesses are happy with it!.

Let’s look at the FEATURE LIST that comes along:

GST compliant solution

1. GST Complaint Business business accounting, accounting software, GST compatible, vyapar
In the first place, you can create invoices, generate business financial reports which are compliant with GST format defined by GOVT of India.

Invoice Management

Create Invoice with just the field you need for shipping, billing, terms, item etc, choose from professional themes.

2. Invoice Themes Customisationbusiness accounting, accounting software, customisable invoices, vyapar
With our professional set of invoice themes and customizable features, you can send personalized invoices to your customers reflecting your brand’s identity.

3. Bill Wise Payment Trackingbusiness accounting, accounting software, Bill Wise Payment, vyapar
Easily track which payments have been received, which ones are pending, what has been paid and what’s due overtime etc.

4. Order Formbusiness accounting, accounting software, order form vyapar
Collect orders for your business with the help of professional and instant order forms. Create them in no time to help your customers wait no longer.

5. E-Way Bill Numberbusiness accounting, accounting software, E-Way Bill No, vyapar
Create E-way Bill Numbered invoices and move goods hassle free.

6. Delivery Challanbusiness accounting, accounting software, Delivery Challan, vyapar
Receive acknowledgment upon delivery of the order with this delivery challan.

7. Create Estimatesbusiness accounting, accounting software, Create Estimates, vyapar
Estimates created using vyapar are not just approximate but accurate and instant.

8. Cash Salebusiness accounting, accounting software, Cash sale, vyapar
Options are provided to enter your sales types which includes cash sale as well.

9. Auto Round off optionbusiness accounting, accounting software, round up, vyapar
Automatic rounding for total bill amount helping you reduce manual intervention.

Inventory Management

10. Item Stock Tracking:business accounting, small business accounting, accounting software, financial year end, low stock reminder
Track and Control Individual Units of an item by their expiry dates, batch no and many other criteria to pick right ones for upcoming sales.

11. Low Stock Indication:business accounting, small business accounting, accounting software, financial year end, low stock reminder
Get alerts when items turn` “Low in Stock” and invest smartly.

Data Security

12. Auto Backupbusiness accounting, small business accounting, accounting software, financial year end, auto reminder
Automatically  Backup of Business data to keep them fully safe on your device/google drive, so you can “go back in time” and restore a file before it was changed or deleted.

Party/Vendor Management:

You could work with a few, dozens, or even hundreds of different vendors/customers, all can be managed from one single place.

13.Transaction/Promotional notifications:business accounting, small business accounting, accounting software, promotional messages
Payment messages, Marketing messages or alert messages, let it be any, send it to your vendors/customers with just a click.

Accounts Receivable and payable:

In any event, you can easily record every account transaction for accountability and transparency  

14. Multi-Firm:business accounting, small business accounting, accounting software, multi firm
If you own more than one firm/investments, track & manage all of them under one account.

15. Close Books – Close Financial Year:business accounting, small business accounting, accounting software, financial year end, close books
Helps you wrap up previous year account balances and start fresh to avoid accidental changes.

16. Simple Bank Entrybusiness accounting, small business accounting, accounting software, financial year end, close books
Firstly, it alows you record your transactions with banks. This, in turn,  helps you miss nothing when it comes to bookkeeping.

17. Automatic Payment Remindersbusiness accounting, small business accounting, accounting software, financial year end, automatic payment reminder
Automatic reminders are sent to your customers on their pending payments to help you chase unpaid Invoices and ensure payments are made asap.

Detailed Reports – Business Status

To let you Evaluate performance of your business effortlessly.

18. Profit and Loss Reportsbusiness accounting, accounting software, profit and Loss statement, vyapar
Specifically, detailed reports of profits made per day, per month etc. and losses you went through on certain days, gives you a very good insight into when your business is performing well. Depending on which you’ll know where and when to invest to make more profits. It will make your tax filing easy as well.

19. Day Bookbusiness accounting, accounting software, day book, vyapar
Watch how your business performs in a day, and make plans with informed decisions.

20. Tax Reportbusiness accounting, accounting software, tax report, vyapar
Get instant accurate reports to file taxes(GSTR 1, GSTR 2, GSTR 3, GSTR 3B) without needing the help of an accountant or accounting knowledge.

21. Item Wise Profit Lossbusiness accounting, accounting software, item wise profit loss, vyapar
As can be seen, you can find out if you’re making more money than you’re spending on purchasing an item.



22. Thermal Printer compatiblebusiness accounting, accounting software, thermal printer, vyapar
Plugin your handy printer, or connect through Bluetooth, wifi. We ‘re compatible with almost all.

23. Print in scalable sheetbusiness accounting, accounting software, thermal printer, a1, a4 print, vyapar
Print invoices, estimates and many more in nearly all sizes(A1, A2, A4..etc)

24. Barcode Readerbusiness accounting, accounting software, barcode reader, vyapar
Just plug-in barcode readers and use it on the go.

Accordingly, with all such features, you barely have to lift a finger to run your business.

Download the BEST GST Compliant Mobile Billing App

Happy Vyaparing!!!

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