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MIND your Business!

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Doing business is like spiritualism wherein only you know what goals will make you happy. One enjoys the fruits of one’s own hard work and the rest of the world cluelessly wonders about the reason for your happiness. As an entrepreneur, you may have a certain budding idea in your mind, but nobody else is bothered to atlas make an… Read More »MIND your Business!

GST bill

What is the GST Bill?

Why do we need the GST Bill ?

Every small business in India today is asking “What is the GST Bill ?”.  Now, we at Vyapar are  making an attempt to explain it in plain terms to our readers.

To start off with, we know that every country and it’s Economy, changes with changing times. Today, India is one of the fastest growing economies and to reach this stage, it has undergone some major economic reforms like Read More »What is the GST Bill?