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All About Invoicing Under GST

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Invoicing under GST is going to go through some changes. It forms a crucial function when it comes to the execution of a transaction. On every sale/purchase an invoice is issued by the supplier i.e person making the sale. The invoice contains S.No, details of product such as product name, description, quantity, etc along with details of supplier, purchaser, tax charged and other particulars such as discounts, terms of sale etc. and all of these would need to be depicted in the GST invoice.Read More »All About Invoicing Under GST

GST bill

What is the GST Bill?

Why do we need the GST Bill ?

Every small business in India today is asking “What is the GST Bill ?”.  Now, we at Vyapar are  making an attempt to explain it in plain terms to our readers.

To start off with, we know that every country and it’s Economy, changes with changing times. Today, India is one of the fastest growing economies and to reach this stage, it has undergone some major economic reforms like Read More »What is the GST Bill?