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Electronic Store Management and Accounting With Vyapar

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Electronic items changed the human lifestyle. Like a refrigerator, fan, oven, electric induction, iron box, washing machine, etc. All we get at electronic store. These home appliances have reduced human work. Nowadays the use of electronics equipment has become more due to huge growth in technology, Which in turn is increasing the demand of electronics. The variety of electronics products are not limited. As per the survey the global annual consumer electronic sales reached 2 trillion in 2020.

Therefore it is good to start an electronics business but it is quite difficult for stores to keep tracking of inventory and products warranty. What if a single software like Vyapar will make this easy for you? As we are aware of the fact that everything is going digital, let’s start your business with India’s Best Electronics store software. Here your business will be on your Fingertips.

# How to Create your Company?

Go to the left menu > at the top left corner click on “My Company” and add your company details. Like:

  • Add your company LOGO

  • Company name 

  • Company Description

  • Contact Details

  • Email ID

Click on the “More Information” option and add additional information like 

  • Business address

  • State 

  • GSTIN number

  • Business category

  • Business type

  • Company/Business Authorised Signature

# How to maintain the Party and Party Balance?

If you want to share the invoice preview with the customer through SMS, WhatsApp, or Email. It builds the customer relationship and also you can share the product catalog link through any social media channel. If you want to track the orders easily then you need party details. There is one special case for warranty, where sometimes you need to cross-check with the party name and product details sold to them.

Go to the left menu > Click on “Parties” > “Create a new party”

Add the party details, you will get the option to select the party type (You can select either unregistered, registered or composite) > Click on “Save” button

You can also create a party group.  

Left menu > Settings > party > Enable party Group.

# How to Add Multiple Parties at Once?

There is one more alternate way to add Parties in bulk. 

Go to the left menu > Utilities > Import Parties  

Download the Excel Template > reopen the saved excel format & enter all party details and Save it

Now get back to utilities > Import Parties > Click on the “Click here to browse” option > select the saved file from its location

Now check the details and if there is zero error then Click on the Import parties button> Click on OK

Now all the parties have been “Updated Successfully”. 

The parties will be listed as given below. Also, there is color-coding. That will help you to Identify the parties easily.


You can use the payment reminder option with your parties by SMS, WhatsApp Message. 

Red color means – You need to pay that much amount

Green color means – You need to collect the amount

Payment reminders will help you to maintain the business relation better and save time. 

# How to create the category and Why it is Important?

If you are doing electronics business then you will get thousands of electronic devices with different models. Whenever you create an “online store” and you have hundreds of products, It will be very difficult to find the proper item. By segregating products in categories will improve the user interface from the product catalog. You can also track products of which category are providing their best profit and improving the business stats.

Go to the left menu > Settings > Item > “Enable Item category”

To create category click on items > category > Add category

List out the item category you manage. For example:

# Where you will get Barcode scanning, Serial number, and Item description option

Most of the electronic items have serial numbers. Manual entry of serial number results in errors but you can make it directly from barcode scanning and also you can enter the warranty date on the item description. For that please enable the following features from Item Settings as shown in the below figure. 

Go to the left menu > Settings > Item > Important features for electronic products is

  1. Serial number

  2. Barcode scan

  3. Direct barcode scan (It will enable only if you enabled cash sale by default from Transaction settings, for that go to left menu from home page > Settings > Transaction > Enable cash sale by default after that enable barcode scan, then only you will get this option)

  4. Item Description

# How to add Items?

The main thing for any business is “Inventory management”. Particularly in the electronics business, because of their Serial no/IMEI no, warranty and Stock availability.

To add the item details go to the left menu > Items > Add Item/Add your First product > enter all required details including “Item tracking details” and enter the item batch details

You can also add the item images here itself. It will be very helpful to create “My Online Store”. We will discuss this after creating items. 

As of now, we have added some demo types of materials as well as some groups. On the below page you can see all details of the items like their sale price, purchase price, and stock value, and stock quantity, and particular item transactions for quick access.

After entering all items with the categories. You will get the below look in the item category.

Here you can see, in a single particular category, how many items are left and what their stock value is. Whatever the category you will create here, will be reflected in the “My Online Store” automatically

# How to Import Items?

There is one more option to add the items in a group (which means you can update all the items in bulk but need to enter the Additional details).

Go to the left menu > Utilities > Import Items > download the sample format > insert all the details in the downloaded file. 

Open Vyapar > Utilities > Import Items > click on “click here to browse” option > Select excel file that you have updated and saved earlier with all product details > 

Check and if there are no products with the error then click on the “import__valid items” button > Click on Ok > Now the items have been Imported Successfully.

# How To Create “My Online Store”?

It helps to build your business marketing. It is a very easy way to Send the product catalog so that the end-user can get the estimate in short and also he can place the order from the Catalog Link

Go to the left menu > My Online Store> Click on the “Create Online Store” button 

Select the items you want to show on the “My Online Store” 

Here is the Short View of how your catalog looks. The categories are also visible there that you have created. Even It helps the user interface to select the item by category. 

Once the store is prepared you can share the link with your clients or customers through any social media channel like WhatsApp, email, Instagram, etc. by clicking on “Share store link” button

# How to make the transaction?

Go to the left menu > Sale  > Add your first Sale Invoice

Because you already enabled the option of direct barcode scan you will get this option on screen to add products by scanning barcode directly

If you want to add products manually press the esc key and use further. enter all required details > click on the “Save” button

If your invoice value is more than 50k you can also generate the e-way bill from the Vyapar application.

Learn more about generating E-way bill on Vyapar

Vyapar also allows you to create purchase invoice, sale/purchase order, payment in & out, estimation/Quotation, delivery challan, sale/purchase return, expenses, other income etc. 

# How to check the Reports?

Go to the left menu > Reports 

Most of the Electronic Store need the following reports for managing their business

Transaction Report

  • Sale report (Here you can see the customized view on sales)

  • Purchase report (Here you can see the customized view on purchases)

  • Daybook (Here you will get everyday transaction)

  • All transaction report (Here you can see all transaction in customized view)

  • Profit and Loss (Here you can see total Profit and loss of your business)

  • Sale aging report (Here you can check unused payment types and open credit note)

  • Cash flow (Here you can get the total money transaction)
  • Balance sheet

you can get these reports in PDF & EXCEL formats and share whomever you want to. 

Party related Report

  • Party Statement (You can see all transactions of the particular party)

  • All party report (Here you can get all party receivable and payable amounts)

  • Sale purchase by Party group (Here you can see the sale and purchase done by the particular group for example brand wise, areawise, It will be helpful to take other business plans like free delivery or to open other branches, etc)

All GST reports

  • If your registration made under a regular scheme you will get these GSTR-1, GSTR-2, GSTR-3b & GSTR-9 reports in the menu.
  • If your registration made under the composition scheme, then you have to enable this feature from the settings. Settings > Taxes & GST > Enable “Composition Scheme”. Then only you will get GSTR-3B, GSTR-4, GSTR-9A reports in the menu.

Item/Stock Report

Most needed reports in All electronic store.

  • Stock summary (check your current stock quantity and Stock value and Sale and purchase details)

  • Low stock Details (check stock is about to finish and reorder the required products and make sure that you have enough stock available with you)

  • Stock detail report (check the item in and out in customized view)

  • Item Stock tracking detail (Here you can track the transactions with Item serial number)

Stock Summary Report 

Low Stock Details 

Stock Detail Report

Item Stock tracking Details

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