How to generate GSTR-3B using Vyapar?

Registered under regular GST?

If your answer is YES, you must file your GSTR-3B returns by 20th of every month.

Preparing GSTR-3B yourself manually may be difficult. But, business accounting software like Vyapar lets you do it with ease in just seconds!

Here are 4 EASY steps to generate GSTR-3B using Vyapar:

Step 1: Open your Vyapar App, swipe in the Left Menu, click on Reports, scroll down to reach GSTR Reports & tap on GSTR-3B.


Step 2: Choose Month & the Year for which you want to generate the report.


Step 3: Select the firm’s name.


Step 4: Your GSTR-3B report is READY. You can view this in both PDF & Excel format. Share, open & download this report in any format.


Step 5: Upload this GSTR-3B report to the GST portal ( to complete the return filing process.

Advantages of generating your GSTR-3B report using Vyapar:

  1. You will save a lot of time and effort.
  2. You need No accounting knowledge.
  3. Your GSTR-3B return does not get easily rejected on GST portal.
  4. You can share your GSTR-3B return easily with your accountant for verification.

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