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Giving Away Discounts? 5 Things You’ll Find Out By Tracking Them!

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1. The total value of sale discounts per month.
2. Growth in business sales due to discounts.
3. Quantity of discounted items sold per month.
4. Amount gained or lost by discounting.
5. Gross Sales & Net Sales Income for that month.

Discount Report” of Vyapar App provides these business insights by automatically tracking all your sale/purchase discounts

Where to find “Discount Report” in Vyapar App?

Go to Reports -> Business Status -> Discount Report.

Have Vyapar App?

How to apply discounts on sale/purchase?
 Discounts can be applied only at the Transaction or Invoice level.
 Add the sales/purchase discount while adding items on the respective transaction or invoice.
 App automatically adjusts the sales number and updates your Discount account.

How to use it?

On the Discount Report, Select the time duration you like to see the discounted details on. The report shows –
 List of all your parties who have given/taken items on discounts.
 The discount price that was offered to/from each of your parties on sale/purchase.
 The total amount of sales discount and purchases discount.

3 out of 5 Vyaparis look at their Business’ Discount Report at least once in a month.

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