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Home Based Business Ideas in Kerala, India

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Home Based Business Ideas in Kerala, India

With the present situation of Covid-19, there has been an increased trend seen in people pursuing their careers and business through home-based business ideas. Home-based businesses require very little or no capital investment and are considered good opportunities for working couples, mothers, or retired individuals.

In this article, you’ll find some unique and easy home-based business ideas, more relevant in the Kerala, India market.

# Benefits Of Doing Business In Kerala

Are you thinking of setting up a business in Kerala? Then you might want to consider these benefits.

  • Greater Digital Presence

Greater digital reach is vital to any business, as it gives you the ability to reach your target audience with much more precision. Kerala has a higher digital reach rate than other states of India. A higher digital reach means more people can potentially know about your products/services with ease.

  • High Literacy Rate

Kerala is famous for its high literacy rate. And this means there are lots of qualified and well-informed people who can work in small businesses. There are plenty of better-educated and better-trained candidates in Kerala, which means you can find better employees.

  • Affordable Property

In comparison to many other states in India, Kerala is very affordable for shops and property. It is an ideal place to start a small business that requires little rental space. 

  • Low Cost Of Operations

Like many other small businesses, having a lower cost of operations will mean you have more profit left over at the end of each month to reinvest. The cost of running a small business in Kerala is relatively low, and because it’s a local business, there’s no need to worry about import/export taxes. 

  • Well-Developed State

The state of Kerala has a very well-developed transport system that makes it easy to travel across the country. It also has many airports and ports that make it well-connected to the other parts of India. Hence, helping you in running your business smoothly. 

# 5 Home-Based Business Ideas In Kerala, India 

Now, let’s get into the home-based business ideas you can start in Kerala. 

1. Home Cooking Services

What if you could make money by serving as a personal chef or caterer in your spare time? If you can cook well, then you can start up a home cooking services business. All you need to do is stock up on the essentials and promote your business either through online mediums or by spreading word of mouth. But keep in mind that you don’t compromise on the quality of the food. 

2. Beauty Parlour At Home

If you have the right skills, you can start a beauty parlour in your home without any investment. Starting your own home-based beauty parlour will enable you to work for yourself and would also help you earn a little extra. It could also become a whole business model if you keep on satisfying your customers with your quality products/services. 

3. Candle Making 

Candle-making at home is an effective way to supplement your income. And yes, it’s possible to run a successful candle-making business that’s based out of your home, and it’s not as difficult or time-consuming as you might think. If you are really willing to enjoy your work and put in the effort, candle-making can make you money.

4. Artificial Jewellery Making

Making artificial jewellery at home turns out to be quite an interesting and rewarding business idea in the global market. If you have a knack for creating jewellery from scrap material, you can make artificial jewellery at home. With artificial jewellery making, you can turn something cheap into something that looks expensive. Nowadays, there’s a huge demand for certain types of jewellery, for example, jewellery made with clay seems to be trending a lot. 

5. Jute Bag Making

People are becoming more environmentally conscious now. There’s a big demand for natural products like Jute bags instead of leather bags. So, you can take advantage of this possibility where you can start a home-based business of making jute bags. It could be a rewarding business. One very nice part about making jute products at home is that you can do it in a way that’s focused on your own artistic abilities. This way, your products will carry a unique identity in the market, leading you to generate more sales. 

# Conclusion

What business you should start is all dependent on your skills. If you are a techie, you can look into starting a computer/electronics repair shop or a mobile phone repair shop near the college or office area. You can also sell new mobiles/laptops or computer & components to students/professionals/business people. If you are into plumbing, masonry, painting, or decorating, you can offer your services to the public. It is a very fast-growing industry today, and there are good opportunities for everyone in this regard.

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