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How a small business owner Manjunath makes maximum profit on his inventory using Vyapar

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Meet Mr. Manjunath, a fabric business owner, who is using the Vyapar App for 6 months. Manjunath talks about how Vyapar helped him make better profits on his inventory.

He says,

“I can easily check what’s in stock, see what’s selling the most. I run reports to find out best-selling fabric designs & invest more on them. Also, I pick and quickly sell those items that can go out of trend”.

For nearly 7 years, Manjunath was bookkeeping his inventory the old-fashioned account book. He adds,  To see what’s left, I had to do count up all my items lying in my store and match it with my books. I wasted too much time in doing just this that I wasn’t focusing on other important works

One of his family friends suggested accounting software – Vyapar App to him. On using Vyapar App for a while, he understood how important inventory software was for his business.

“Now with Vyapar, handling inventory is easy. When I buy and sell, my inventory gets automatically updated. I can check the remaining quantities quick. It helps me avoid buying excessive items that may lay waste” he says.

Also, with low-stock alerts, I know when it’s time to re-order my stocks. I always have enough stocks to meet my customers’ demand!”, he says.

This is how our Vyapari “Mr. Manjunath” use Vyapar to do better inventory management!

“As our Vyapar Mobile App is integrated with the alert system. It will send notifications when there are few stocks left in the inventory so that one can re-order them just in time. This means one can avoid holding more than required stocks or losing customers because of no stocks. It improves business cash flow and maximizes profit with minimum wastage”, says Sumit Aggarwal, CEO of Vyapar.

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