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How Safe and Secure is Online Software? The Guide to Online Accounting Software.

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In today’s digital age, the security of online data is a constant concern. When you are managing a business, the most important thing is protecting your data at any cost, aside from being successful. If you are still using Excel spreadsheets & manual registers for your bookkeeping and you store them in your office or on your computer, all you need is a disaster – such as a computer crash, robbery, hacking, virus, Or even your office get damaged due to any natural or Manual reasons – and your business will lose all the data, In result it will consume more time and money to restore or recover information that is essential to your business.

This is the main reason why you should use online accounting software. However, some people still doubt online computing, as they prefer to keep their data where they can see them. We do not say that they are wrong but read this blog and you will understand why online accounting software is more safe and secure to store your business data locally on your computer.

# How Online Software Works For Data Safety?

The points of vulnerability for online software are divided between the vendor and the user. The point of viewing software (whether laptop, desktop, Android phone, or Android tablet) is still the responsibility of the user to be safe and secure.

The storage of data files is a responsibility of the user, but the vendor is also responsible for data storage. That is why software companies run their programs from business-grade data centers with highly sophisticated, layered strongholds.

These enterprises are controlled by data center guards and are controlled by access keycards and iris banners. Data centers typically have multiple, redundant, very fast Internet connections. The network is protected by the latest security technologies and 24-hour monitoring by a team of IT security experts. 

# How Can I Ensure That My Accounting Software Is Safe And Secure?

Few service providers who store personal information, privacy and security of that information of users are the first priority for them. Most of these companies provide a high protection to their user’s data. Certain aspects help users to know how accounting and invoicing software companies handle data and ensure that it is secure and backed up. Here we will share some of the aspects:

  • Login security: This indicates that up-to-date on security issues and passwords. All the same, it is always important to choose a custom password and change your password regularly . 
  • Encryption of Data: Online accounting solutions use the same sophisticated encryption, making sure that no hackers can steal your data while you are working.
  • Continuous Backup and Updates: At the end of each day, online accounting companies backup your data. If their servers fail, you can continue working where you left off. Nothing is removed until you want it. Also, many online accounting solutions allow you to make your own backup by saving your data in an Excel spreadsheet. Online accounting solutions are constantly updated, which means another layer of protection against wrongdoers.

Like Vyapar App helps you to take auto backup of your data in personal google drive so that your data is safe & secure. If you have Vyapar App Enable autobackup from-

Settings > General > Backup Setting > switch on “Enable auto backup” option

  • Data protection: It addresses the technical way we work to protect your data. 
  • Multiple Servers at Your Service: Online accounting companies rent or own multiple servers at the same time, often at different physical locations. This ensures that when one server goes out for some reason, the other server can work and keep user accounts running. And the best part is that the transition between the two servers is flawless because all the servers are running parallel at the same time, so you won’t notice even if the server goes down.
  • User’s Data Privacy: The software is bound to protect user privacy. The user’s access data will be completely offline safe and sound. Software Like Vyapar never shares the user’s Google authentication data with anyone.The user’s access data will only be stored in an encrypted format in the user’s device, such that no other person / software will have access to this information. User permission to software to store a token to send email / SMS / WhatsApp etc. whenever required at user request. The software will only use this access data for the above use cases.

# What Can I Do To Improve The Security Of My Account?

This is the truth that we all have to face: 100% security does not exist anywhere. Advances in security technology still come with the possibility of that protection failing.

However, when it comes to the online arena, the first cause of security breaches is due to user negligence or carelessness. While this may sound harsh, it also means that there are things you can actively do to improve the safety and security of your data.

What you can do to increase security?

  • Create a secure password: This means that there are at least 10 letters in length, uppercase and lowercase letters, a combination of numbers as well as special characters. This greatly reduces the likelihood of your password being used by sophisticated hacking programs. The Vyapar app accounting software also provides a passcode option for your data security. Every time you open Vyapar app, it will ask you for your passcode. If you set a passcode or pin for deleting any transaction this option is also provided in Vyapar.
  • Change your passwords regularly: The usual recommended time limit is every 3 months. Also, if you are using the same password for more than one account, change them! Each account must have a unique password to increase your security. 

Why change your password regularly? some reason. If your account has already been hacked, you may have to cut off access to the hacker. Also, if you have logged into that account on other devices, you may have forgotten to log out or even store the device password.

  • Use Touch ID for mobile apps: While it may seem a bit offensive to supply information, it is a security measure that goes beyond passwords.
  • Keep Backup file online: Online Backup automatically backs up your data on your personal Google Drive so that your data remains safe. Online backup data is stored in a server that is connected to the Internet and what you basically need when performing an online backup is an active Internet connection.
  • Keep Backup offline: When talking about offline backup, it is the first and the traditional way of taking backup into a physical piece of hardware such as external hard disk, pen drive, memory card and many more.This backup process can be completed very easily and quickly. 

# Difference Between Online Software and Offline Software

Basis For ComparisonOnline SoftwareOffline (Desktop) Software
Information accessFrom anywhere, on laptop or android mobile or android tab. You can give control to different users on your wish.
Access from specific PC only. LAN connectivity of desktop software is practical with some networking.
Software UpdatesAutomatic:No effort is required from the user.Manual:Effort required by the user. Some technical involvement is required.
Loss of data
Data backups are usually taken regularly & automatically. The data is secure on servers hosted in data-centers that have international-security certification.
Risk of data loss on hardware issues, disk crashes, etc.
Virus riskServers maintained & protected by experts. Operating systems are least vulnerable to viruses.
Very high risk of viruses corrupting the data. Anti-virus software helps to an extent but be aware that viruses strike & cause the damage first. Anti-virus software then updates to prevent this. That’s how that cycle works.
Operating System upgrade
No effect because no software is installed.The software may have to be reinstalled. These license keys also need to be retrieved.

Frequently Asked Questions:

# How can I back up Vyapar app data on mobile and restore it on desktop?

Yes! “Backup” option available from which you can take backup of all your files to your device or gmail account. You can copy or download those files on the desktop and retrieve those saved files back into the application using the simple “Restore” option.

# Is online accounting software safe and secure?

Yes, online accounting solutions are completely safe and secure. In fact, storing your data in online software is more secure than having them on your computer where they can be lost forever due to system crash or external damage. Furthermore, your data is constantly updated as online banking data.

# And what about those pesky hackers and thieves?

Good luck for them—in jail. The bank-level encryption of each & every account and the continue backed up at the end of each day, and they are encrypted. Monitoring of network traffic ensures that no one, apart from you and the authorized personnel, can see your precious data. 

# Can I export my personal data to back it up or share it with my accountant?

Of course! In fact, we encourage you to save your data in CSV format from time to time to make sure. Thus you can have a backup on your computer and you can send said backup along with all of your data, to your accountant on email or any media channel. 

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