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Latest Update – Now Share Products Online In One Click With Updated Feature

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# – Share Products/Services Online With Image

A product image is important, as it creates a good impression on the buyer. An image enhances the product description which makes it easy for the Customer to appeal you and save your time. A buyer closely checks the product images by zooming them, these images give them an idea of how it would suit their utility. Keep reading to know more about Product/Service image Feature-


5 Benefits of image Option for Product/Service


1. It helps to Add Images for each Product/Service. It allows you to add more than 1 image for any Product/Service.
2. Adding an image of every Product/Service works as a reference for you to recognize the Product/Service. It also helps other staff to get Product/Service description and instant invoicing which saves time and energy.
3. Gives an option to share Product/Service with your customers on WhatsApp/ email/ telegram, etc. along with the image.
4. It helps to give all details of Product/Service (like item name/ price and image) to the buyer in just a click.
5. Makes it easier for the buyer to take a decision and give orders online effortlessly. It also reduces the manpower by reducing visits to consumers or buyers who carrying products for demo.

77% Businessmen say that the Product/service Image option has helped them to enhance customer relationships and generate interest for future orders, especially in the current Lockdown situation.


“Product/Service” image option of the Vyapar App helps you to maintain records of items with product images.

1.)  Where to find the “Product/Service” image option & how to use it in Vyapar App? 

Go to Home page > Items > +Add > Add Image icon (on top-right corner of add product page)

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How to use it?

On the “Home” screen,
Click on the “ITEMS. If you are an old user it also shows an existing list of all items (Filter them down with products or services). Either you can edit the existing one or you can add a new item.
Click on the “+ADD” to create a new Product/Service. Enter all the required details of the product here.
Click on “ADD Image” icon on the right corner. It allows you to add an image from gallery or camera.

2.)  How to Share Product/Service online with Buyers? 

With the help of Vyapar App you can easily share your products/services with buyers within seconds.

How to use it?

On the “Home” screen,
Click on the “ITEMS. It shows a list of all items (Filter them down by products or services if required).
Click on the “Share Icon” of the item you want to share with the buyer or customer.

 It allows you to Share this item details (like item name/ price and image) with buyer or customer on Whatsapp/ message/ email/ telegram, etc.

69% Vyapari’s are happy and shared their experiences on the “Add Image” option and says that image option helps them to reach out many consumers/customers and buyers online and increasing productivity.

# – Share Invoices Online With Your Email-id

Now Vyapar desktop users are also able to share their invoices and transactions with customers by using their own email id. Using your own business email for sharing invoices helps to enhance your business with your business brand or identity.

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