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Losing Customers Regularly? Know Why and How To Avoid It

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1. Find out which items are mostly in demand by your customers. If it is not delivered on demand, they might purchase it from somewhere else.
2. Assure your customers that their time is important for you by delivering the items on time.
3. Ensure that all the items you deal in should always be available in stock according to Demand & Supply.
4. Avoid Over-Stocking or Under-Stocking while making purchase decisions, such that your business is always profitable.
5. Customers are key to your business. Try to understand that a customer’s purchase always depends on your good inventory management.

“Low Stock Summary Report” of  Vyapar App helps you to get a list of stock items that are about to get “Out of Stock” shortly


Where to find “Low Stock Summary Report” & How to use it in Vyapar App?

Go to ReportsItem / Stock Reports > Low Stock Summary Report

Have Vyapar App?

How to use it?

 It shows the list of all items are below minimum stock quantity defined by you and are about to get out of stock.

 It shows the available quantity of each item. You can also filter them by category.

You can export these details in PDF or XLS formats and share with stakeholders or people concerned.

84% Businesses use “Low Stock Summary Report” to avoid loss of sales and customer dissatisfaction due to unavailability of stock.

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