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Need freedom from the exhausting manual business accounting process?

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If you’re a small business owner managing your accounts yourself without necessary software, you will surely be frustrated by now! It feels like you’re doing more of accounting than actual business, don’t you?

Firstly, you are not in the 1960’s to do your accounting manually. You need to get rid of pads of paper and books, onto which business transactions are entered by hand day and night.

Getting freedom from the exhausting manual business accounting process is the need of the hour because,

  • You may accidentally enter wrong numbers frequently that results in incorrect balances. Rechecking is so time-consuming that a better choice would be to start all over again.

    Whereas, software like Vyapar rectifies such errors in seconds helping you save time for other productive business tasks.
  • It is common to lose your account books. They often get damaged.  Most of the time you’ll end up being clueless about your business transactions which are critical. Preparing such books again from reference documents surely isn’t easy.
    Whereas digital data stored in software remains unaffected, and with Vyapar, you can take multiple backups to safeguard data, saving copies offline/online based on your preference. Copying such information manually is time-consuming otherwise.
  • Your Accountants like to see your data organized, otherwise checking account balances and reviewing information gets difficult for them. They may need to glance through multiple bills to locate the information needed.
    This kind of paperwork requires a lot of time which increases their fees too. It is recommended by Accountants to use the right accounting software to save time, effort and money!

Go Paperless,

Go Digital. Use Vyapar!

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