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Need freedom from the fear of GST-compliance?

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Are you still not equipped with the right software and hardware to get GST-compliant?

If you aren’t yet, then you’ve got nightmares thinking of penalties that follows GST-compliant violation! Well, if you’re looking for a way to obtain freedom from fear of GST-compliance, you need to make sure to avoid GST mismatches in the first place.  Hence, it is important to know what is to be done to avoid GST mismatches and in turn, avoid GST penalties.

Steps you can take to avoid GST mismatch:

When you deal with the RIGHT VENDORS, GST mismatch between the purchase and sale details of the two parties is rarely observed.
This guarantees no mismatches between Form GSTR-3B and Form GSTR-2A. No mismatches result in NO FINE.


Adopt a systematic way of maintaining books of accounts and records of transactions.
Only accurate entries generate accurate reports. Even small mismatches in the GSTR reports will be unacceptable by the GOVT.
Are you a business owner still stuck in maintain business records on spreadsheets?
Businesses who still go about manual records would be finding it hard enough to bring in the necessary corrections.  Hence, accurate GSTR reports within the short time-frame are nearly impossible.  
Whereas, software like Vyapar helps any business maintain digital entries of business transactions, from which, accurate documents can be generated in seconds. There is no question of errors, as the calculation is automatically done by the software with 100% ACCURACY.

The need of the hour, naturally, is a simple business accounting solution or GST software system, like Vyapar which enables a business not just to be GST- compliant but to be business-competent as well.
Adapt the right technology to 
avoid GST mismatches and stay away from hassles during deadlines.

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