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New Agricultural Business Ideas in India

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New Agricultural Business Ideas

Agriculture is vital to the overall prosperity of an economy. Agriculture is the foundation of India’s economic system. Agriculture gives employment possibilities to a huge percentage of the population in addition to providing food and raw materials. Many agriculture-related business concepts are emerging now. While some farm businesses demand low investment, others require a medium to a large amount. In this article, we will discuss some of the new agricultural business ideas in India. 

1. Production of organic fertilizers

Manufacturing organic fertilizer is one of the agricultural-related business opportunities that an entrepreneur can easily establish. The manufacturing of vermicomposting, or organic fertilizer, has become a household industry. It does not require a large investment and is simple to start with a basic understanding of the manufacturing process.

2. Start a retail store that sells hydroponics

Hydroponics is a relatively new plantation technology that has grown in popularity in recent times as a soil-free method of plantation for both commercial and domestic use.

3. Beekeeping

The demand for honey is steadily increasing as people become more health-conscious. Beekeeping has become a lucrative business option. This business necessitates constant monitoring and supervision of the bees on a daily basis. Honey beekeeping in India requires minimal capital, incredible care from workers, and a strong bond between the beekeeper and the honey bees.

4. Production of fruit juice

Starting a fruit juice manufacturing company can be a lucrative and rewarding investment. The business necessitates careful preparation and big capital investment. The usage of packaged fruit juice is fast expanding. This business has great market potential. When launching this business, hygiene, taste, and fruit quality must all be considered.

5. Portal for grocery shopping

People now consider it useless to spend hours buying groceries on a daily basis, thanks to technological advancements and E-Commerce. They prefer to have products delivered to their homes. Therefore an E-shopping platform that delivers groceries is a profitable business.

6. Agriculture consultancy

Agricultural consultants offer guidance on how to best use and maintain agricultural land. They usually specialize in either business or technical competence; business specialists assist agricultural landowners on financial difficulties and commercial strategy, and the technical specialists look at how to make the best use of the land. You can start an agriculture consulting firm if you are an expert in a specific field of farming. Farmers want expert guidance at various times. Thus this business is growing more and more.

7. Processing of spice

Both locally and internationally, organic spices are in high demand. The processing and packaging procedures are simple and can be started with a small amount of money. It is a profitable business in India. Some of the machinery that you would require- a disintegrator, packaging machine, spice grinder, pouch sealing machine, weighing scale, etc.

8. Certified seed dealer 

Seed certification is a quality control process in which seeds are tested and checked in accordance with established procedures. In layman’s terms, the system verifies that the seeds that are packed for selling to the consumers or retailers meet the standards of a certification plan. Starting a company that only offers certified seed is a very profitable business in today’s times as adulteration has increased.  There are a few formalities that you will need to complete in order to start this business. 

9. Herbal medicine farming

Herbal medicinal farming is becoming increasingly popular around the world. The herbs also have high export potential. You can start growing medical herbs if you have sufficient area and a thorough understanding of the herbs. Before you start your business, you may need to obtain certain government permits.

10. Dairy farming

One of the most profitable agriculture-based business ideas is commercial dairy production. While doing this business, hygiene and quality should always be kept in mind.

# Conclusion

After a period of spectacular expansion in which innovation has been the driving force, the agribusiness sector is geared for a boom. You can choose from a variety of New Agricultural Business ideas, including production of organic fertilizers, seed dealer, agriculture consultancy, a retail store that sells hydroponics, and beekeeping, to name a few.

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