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Personalise your Vyapar Application with new features

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Any application becomes dearer to the user, if it constantly upgrades and ravishes the user experience in multiple ways like the colour scheme, enhanced features and automation. The most liked feature would be when the user can personalise the application for branding and ease of functionality.

If you are using the Vyapar app already then we are sure you have begun loving it because of the sheer simplicity it brings to your day to day business. Now, taking this experience to a whole new level, the Vyapar application has upgraded and now comes in with built in personalisation features. Isn’t it a win win situation where in one hand you can easily digitise your business and at the same time brand this app as your own?

Personalising the application:

The most successful personalisation is the one where in the complete eco-system is built organically and provides completely simplified and friendly experience. What you get with the Vyapar app is a one stop shop for all your business accounting and digitisation needs.

The New feature upgrades include the following –

Business Data Security – Even in the offline mode, your business data is secure.

Personalisation –
It is an intelligent gesture to allow users to brand the application as there by letting the users create their profiles, add logo, signature and transaction themes.

Personalise transactions, invoice/bills and compose digital sharing with transaction messages automatically.
Refer the app to your friends and earn a referral bonus.

Digitisation –
Grow your business faster by going digital. Not just digitisation, the application is completely GST ready.

The App is compatible with all available thermal printers in the market ranging from 2 inches to 4 inches print.

Using barcode is much easier as the application sync well with Laser Gun Scanner or a Phone Camera.

Inbuilt Inventory Management module takes away your worry of running out of stock as the application gives notifications and timely reminders automatically.

Track payments with Payment Reminders.

At Vyapar we strongly believe in creating solutions that solve real world problems and empower the individuals. We are committed to impacting the lives of small and
medium traders by enabling them with innovations which are timely, reliable and
easy on the pocket.

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Happy Vyaparing!!!

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