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Recurring Invoice: Why should small businesses use them?

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Businesses all over the nation are suffering huge expenses as a result of late or delayed payments. According to a recent report, late payments cost small and medium businesses around the world crores of rupees. This could be as a result of the client’s failure to pay on time. But most of the times, it could happen when you fail to deliver your invoices on time. To solve this challenge you need to invest in an invoicing software like Vyapar App that sends invoices automatically to clients. That is where recurring invoices come in.

 What are recurring invoices?

A recurring invoice is a form of invoice in which a merchant or a supplier automatically charges the client for services or goods delivered at regular intervals. These kind of invoices are popular, especially in modern small businesses because of their ability to automatically charge their clients for the agreed amount of time and on a regular basis.

That way, the business will never suffer delayed payments. The billing software helps in invoicing customers or clients for work done or goods delivered on time. The invoices can be sent on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly or even on a yearly basis.

What are the benefits of recurring invoices?

There are numerous advantages of using recurring invoices.

  • You get paid faster

We all follow a certain routine on our daily or monthly activities. We always have bills to pay on a regular basis such as rent, water, and electricity. Therefore, by sending invoices consistently during such times encourages your clients or customers to pay on time. As a result, it will save you time that you would otherwise expend chasing customers down asking for customers their payment details or payments.

  • Saves you a lot of money

Using invoices saves your business a lot of money and time resources in the long run. You realize, there is a lot that goes into manual billing process – the paperwork, stamps, ink, mailing fees, and time.  Thanks to recurring invoices that helps to remind customers of their pending payments. Accounting software that automates payment reminders reduces a large part of your work, meaning you will need less staff, time and effort to get things done.

  • Increases cash flow

Every business operates best when the monthly cash flow is consistent so that there is adequate money to cover business costs and expenses. This is made easier partly by the use of recurring invoices. One can make use of POS software to handle the invoices efficiently.

  • Improves customer relationship

Customer -client relationship is an important relationship in any business. When a client is impressed by a customer, then he settles all the bills and that makes him a part of the company because he is dependable.

  • Helps you focus on what really matters

You can save quite a significant amount of time with recurring invoices. As a result, the saved time can be spent focusing on other critical aspects of the business like marketing, improving sales and getting new customers.

  • Automate your payment process

By using billing software like Vyapar App, you can design a great invoice. That way, you can set the schedule, link the client’s payment method with his invoice. This enables you to make changes just once and thus giving you peace of mind knowing that the invoice will go out on a regular basis for immediate action by the customer as per your agreements.

  • Reduces time spent chasing payments

Recurring invoices speeds up payment by encouraging good habits. Then for that reason, you will spend less time worrying about delayed payments or chasing your clients down to pay you.  Thanks to the invoicing software, your clients/customers can be automatically be reminded about the payments so that they can be liable for penalties in case of late payments.

When to set up recurring invoices

The use of recurring invoices is increasingly getting adopted in the modern small business environment. But, not all businesses are perfect candidates for the recurring billing software system. It is very important to consider the following before plunging in recurring billing:

  • Your product or service needs to warrant it

This means that it is important to do a proper survey of the business you want to put up before you choose a “subscription business model”. For example, if you start selling stuff that is needed after 3 months then it is challenging to get a subscription service easily.

Amazon Prime is one of the best subscription service providers out there. It uses annual or monthly plan of payment for different offers. For example, they can deliver sanitary towels on a monthly basis (because these are an all-time need). Once you subscribe to their monthly plan, they will be sending you invoices automatically. But, if you provide services like motor vehicle maintenance, it becomes a tricky ground.

That is one with options that address customers ‘unique needs. Sometimes the customers want to change their preferences and that can take a lot of time manually changing cards. By the time a proper billing system is set, a lot of money and time will be spent. That is why you need to subscribe to personalized billing software for your company.

  • Provide an experience, not just a plain service

To have a successful recurring billing service, there are some things which ought to be done right. One of the things is the product. Products must be unique, convenient and necessary. These three reasons are among many other things that attract loyal customers who can fiercely defend the service. This can only happen if they are enjoying the benefits of the system.

Summing it up

There are many benefits that come with adopting recurring invoices. Right from cutting down on overall expenditure to doing away with delays, and much more, businesses can always benefit immensely for investing in such technologies. But the condition is, you have to make sure you really need such a system for your business before investing in.

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