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8 Small Business Ideas For Men

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There are so many people who dream of starting their own business. It becomes difficult to decide on one when you have so many options. It is very important to choose the right business idea. You might not fit in all the businesses. Which business idea is best for you, can be decided on the basis of your skills, capital with you, your abilities, etc.once started, you should be ready to face whatever comes on your way.

If you have the confidence and capital to set up your own business then here are some business ideas for you: 

  • Tourism has gained a lot of popularity in the present time. It has a considerable share in any country’s GDP. India being such a diverse country attracts many tourists from all over the world. India is not only geographically diverse but is also culturally diverse. Its the origin of many religions and has so many UNESCO sites, biodiversity, etc. these are the reasons why it attracts a lot of tourists. 
  • The Indian government also, therefore, comes up with so many schemes related to tourism. We have a ministry for tourism to look into all tourism matters. India experiences millions of foreign tourists every year and even domestic tourists keep travelling from one state to another. These are enough to show the importance of tourism in India.
  • When you have such a big number of target customers then don’t you think that opening a travel agency would surely be a great business idea for you. Although there are so many agencies already available in the market this doesn’t mean that there is no scope for the new ones.
  • Use social media to market your agency. Differentiate yourself from others to attract more customers, for example, you can include local or natives tour along with the main tourist spot. Try to give a better experience
  • You would have to work on so many things like office place, tourists place you offer, type of tourism, charges, etc. and other necessary legalities

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  • If you have done a photography course then this is the best business idea for you. Not every person with a camera is a photographer. It requires very fine skills to become a good photographer. If you have such skill then this is surely for you.
  • You can start it with less investment also. If you don’t have enough capital to invest you can take a small business loan. Many a time its the savings or the financial help from family which comes to rescue in such a scenario. 
  • If you don’t have enough money to rent a place for your studio then you can start in your home as well. Later on, after collecting enough capital, you can grow your business. You can do a wedding photoshoot, nature photography etc.

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Retail stores are the option available for everyone. But in this also one should have a basic knowledge of the products. For example, if you are planning to open a clothing store then you should have the knowledge of the different type of fabrics like silk, cotton, chiffon, georgette etc. similarly you can start a grocery store, hardware store, mobile store, etc.  

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If you have the experience to guide people and help them in taking decisions then it is the best business idea for you. All you have to do is to be an expert in any particular field. You can be an advisor to a company for experience and then you can start your own consultancy service.

Pets have become humans companions. We can find a pet with almost everyone today. Even you can start a pet shop and to begin with, fishes would be the best option. You can keep goldfish, fighter fish etc. also keep the other accessories. Slowly you can start keeping other pets like rabbits, birds, cats, etc. make sure you take good care of the pets so that you don’t have to face loss. 

A nursery is the best business idea if you have knowledge of plants and if you can maintain the plants well. You can keep all types of plants along with the other garden requirements like pots. You can grow plants in your land by yourself and then sell it when it is ready or you can even outsource the plants.

Parties are something which happens in all seasons. Wedding party, birthday party, anniversary party, etc. one can not run short of orders in this business. You can start your party service of the lesser budget in the beginning. Later on, you can grow it with the profit you earn. 

You can add decorations, catering etc in your service. You would have the scope of turning your business into a wedding planning business.  

Address verifications are required by many companies like a bank for loans, credit cards etc. if you want to start a low budget business then this would be the best option for you. You can start it from your home. You can tie-up with some companies and hire help if required. Google map would be a great help for you in this.

People have become very conscious about their health. Nowadays with 9 to 5 job people hardly get time to take care of their health. This is the reason why there are so many gyms found in the same area.

If you are a trainer or if you know a trainer who can work for you then you can open a gym of your own. Locate a place for your gym and take it on rent, buy all the required types of equipment, decide on timings, work on the interiors, these are some wor which you need to do before opening a gym.

  • Big MNCs hire people from all the possible location but they themselves can not verify employees background. Therefore they outsource it to other companies. Different companies in a different location. 
  • You can also tie-up with such MNCs like TCS, Genpact, and do employee background checks for them. 

These are some of the business ideas which you can start with less capital also. Although it is not that difficult to start a small business like these which are mentioned above but running them successfully is really challenging. 

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