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7 Small Business Ideas For Housewives

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Gone are those days when only men were into business. Now we can find many women entrepreneurs. LFPR (labour force participation rate) of women in India has been improving. We can find women in almost every sector. Be it defence, engineering, medical or any other sector – women are everywhere.

When we have women in every sector then why businesses are left behind. When women do business, it makes them independent.

If you are also one of those women who aspire to be independent and want to start your own business then here are some ideas for you: 

  1. Daycare centre/babysitting
  2. Beauty parlour
  3. Tiffin service
  4. Hand made crafts
  5. Tutoring
  6. Cookery classes
  7. Jams, pickles, and sauces

  • There are many working couples in urban areas. It becomes very difficult to maintain both the house and work for working parents. They find it very difficult to handle the child as most of the families are nuclear families. This is the reason why the concept of daycare or babysitting has gained popularity these days. 
  • Women are generally believed to be caring in nature, therefore, parents look for women for babysitting. If you are also one of those women who love children and don’t lose your patience in handling children then this would be a perfect option for you.
  • In this case, you have many options, if you have very little capital and you don’t want to do it on a large scale then, in the beginning, you can go to the parents’ place and do babysitting. With this, you would gain experience as well and then you can open a daycare centre. But if you have enough capital and you are confident enough to handle the daycare centre then you can do it. You would have to check the legalities for this. You can even join a daycare as an employee.

  • Although fashion is not just about women but still when we hear words like beauty, fashion, parlour, etc. we always imagine women. Even women like dressing herself and look beautiful not because of any pressure but because she wishes to and she likes to do so. 
  • If you have a passion for fashion then having your boutique or a beauty parlour is just the right business opportunity for you. You would have to do a beautician course for this. After that, you can work in some other parlour to get experience and learn things better. Once you have gained enough experience and collected enough capital then you can go for opening your beauty parlour. Keep in mind that this needs a lot of experience as one negligence can do blunders in this profession.

  • We have a variety of foods in India and we all have got different preferences. These days due to work many people are forced to move to different cities. Many youngsters who are either in college or are working leave their homes and move to different cities for better opportunities and career growth. They hardly know cooking and therefore are forced to eat food from outside be it a mess, hostel or restaurants. Even if they know cooking it is difficult to prepare food every day. There is no doubt in it that they miss homemade food.
  • If you love cooking and have got expertise in it then starting a tiffin service would be the right small business idea for you. You can begin it from your home as well. Even if you start with 20 tiffins or 15 tiffins it won’t be a bad start. You need to get your paperwork done for your business. Get all the clearances including fire. Once started you won’t run short of customers

  • The things which are found hardly indeed have great importance. There was a time when people used only handmade things including clothes. One can not forget the use of charkha which Gandhi Ji taught us. But as the technology has taken over we have shifted to machine-made goods. Therefore the hand made crafts have become rare and people hardly find it.
  • It is sad but true that lots of people have moved away from our tradition and culture but still, they somehow try to be close by buying hande made crafts or the traditional things if not make them by themselves.
  • We have seen a lot of bamboo work, hand made clothes, crafts, etc. these needs too many skills. Not everyone can do it. Some people who have such skill and follow their tradition, they make it their profession. For example, we can still find diyas, kulhads (things made from mud)
  • If you also have such skill then you can start your own small business of hand made crafts. Believe or not you won’t face loss in this if managed properly. You would find several customers as people are very fond of such things. You can also sell your products online on Amazon, Flipkart or other e-commerce websites.

  • Women are seen as soft-spoken, polite and understanding as she is considered to be more patient. Many students and even parents prefer female tutor. One sends their children for tuition only when they think that studies in school are not enough or the child is a slow learner or they want their kids to be ahead in class.
  • If you like teaching then this is the best option for you. You can either start tuition classes at your home or you can start with home tuitions at the beginning for the experience. You can search students in your locality or you can register yourself as a tutor on any website. There are many websites available for that, for example, Flipclass. 
  • It would be better if you teach primary kids in the beginning. Mostly tuition classes are of 1 hour or a maximum of 1 and a half hours. You would be paid on an hourly basis or monthly basis whichever you find comfortable. Make sure you feel responsible towards the kids as it’s about their future which shouldn’t be mishandled.

  • Today social media is the best platform to showcase your talent. If you know cooking well then you can start your cookery show. You can record your video and post it on youtube, facebook, Instagram. You can create your youtube channel and upload your classes there. But you have to be regular in this. Make sure you give your viewers different recipes and it should be appealing as there are already so many available. This you can do in the beginning.
  • Later when you would have got confidence and would have collected enough capital then you can start your classes in a particular place. You would need proper infrastructure for it so think before you do anything or decide anything.

  • Although we have so many options available in the market still most of us do not get satisfaction with the pickles, papads, chakli and other things. We still prefer homemade items
  • If you have such skill then you can start your small business with this. You can find a seller for your products or you can even sell it directly in the market, whichever you find comfortable. Make sure you don’t compromise the originality for profit otherwise you will face loss. Do marketing on social media and make your business a brand

These are some of the small business ideas for women. You can choose yours according to your interests and skills.

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