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How a small business owner Virupakshaiya files GSTR easily with Vyapar

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Mr Virupakshaiya, an automobile service business owner, has been using Vyapar App since January 2018. He says, he is very happy with how Vyapar is helping him file GSTR returns with absolutely NO difficulty.

On July 2017, the time GST was introduced, it was a new concept to me. I started filing returns directly on the GST portal.
It was very slow, difficult to understand & took a lot of time away from my business. Every time I uploaded invoice details, I got errors! I couldn’t track the mistakes made.. That was really frustrating
”, he says

Later, Virupaksaiya started to look out for a better solution that could make his life easier. He was introduced to Vyapar through a reference and decided to give it a try.

He says,

“I had realised the need for good accounting software by then. With Vyapar App, our billing system is fully automated. I’m able to add party details, generate GST invoices quickly.
We have approximately 1500 transactions per month, and processing these is never an issue with Vyapar App. Whereas, back then, online GOVT utility did not support more than 500 transactions monthly.
I was tensed and didn’t know where to get help from. Also, with Vyapar GSTR reports, I can compare between GSTR-1 and GSTR-3B easily and make necessary adjustments to avoid penalties .”

“I strongly recommend Vyapar for easy GSTR filing..” he says.

He adds, “I still can’t believe the App is for FREE. I can’t figure out why people are still filing GSTR manually when there is such advanced software available in the market.”.

This is how our Vyapari “Mr Virupakshaiya” use Vyapar!

Our Vyapar Mobile App is built for small businesses to be GST-compliant. Vyapar rectifies mistakes at invoice level, helping you file returns in just minutes without any problems. The ease of use and multiple filters option to organise invoices make the returns filing process simple.”, says Sumit Aggarwal, CEO of Vyapar.


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