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Solving Problem With Patience: How Hari Shankar is Appreciated by Vyapar’s Customers!

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When our Customer Care Executive Hari Shankar get calls from confused Vyapar App users, he has only one goal in mind: to help them find solutions as quick as possible. And it’s this determination that is getting appreciation for his work at Vyapar.

Not everyone uses Vyapar App effectively right from Day 01 (in spite of its user-friendliness). Every day, 100’s of Vyapar App users call Vyapar Customer Care – to understand the App flow, to complain, to want to know how some features work, or to seek help. “In Vyapar, we are given special training to deal efficiently with every kind of customer and make their digital accounting journey as seamless as possible” – Hari

In the last few months, customers have been calling Vyapar Customer Care mainly to get assurance on their data security. Such calls are transferred to the “employee of the month” Hari Shankar to build up their trust on Vyapar App with their data. What makes him so trustworthy and wanted?

Hari Explains-

“I am from Bhubaneswar in Odisha. It’s been a year from the day I joined Vyapar (which has been my second home ever since!) Working here, I learned what it takes to be successful – Along with the proper knowledge on the product, one needs to have a lot of patience if they want to do well in this job. It is absolutely necessary to understand the customers’ frustration because they are trusting us with their business data. And, when something goes wrong, it is expected of them to lose temper even to the slight delay from our end. 

If our customers have any problem in using the App, they can only get in touch with us. So, I do my best to solve their issues on time”.

It’s less of a JOB, more of a RESPONSIBILITY for me!  – Hari Shankar, Customer Support Executive @Vyapar

A few weeks back, when one Vyapar customer accidently deleted his data, he was shocked. He had his entire 2 years of business data stored in the App which just got deleted because of his mistake. To his bad luck, he could not find his backup too.

Desperate for a solution, he called Vyapar Customer Care and Hari happened to handle his issue. Hari sensed his distress and went out of his way to find out if in any case a backup was taken before. He found out that there were 2 accounts linked to the drive (where backup files get stored!), OLD account and a NEW one. The customer happened to be using the OLD one until recently. Then he started using the NEW one. However, the backup was saved in his OLD account. Hari figured this out and immediately restores his data from the old account to Vyapar App. After this, the customer was greatly relieved. Hari ensured that the customer’s data was restored without any loss. The customer says that he was only able to get his business data back safe & sound due to Hari.  “It was a proud feeling for me to get appreciation”, says Hari.

Indeed, it was Hari’s determination to resolve Vyapar customer’s issue that deserves applause!

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