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Top 10 E-commerce Platforms to Learn Where to Sell Your Products

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Nowadays everyone is ready to start their online business and e-commerce is the most growth hacking business in the current scenario, which matters a lot & makes opportunities for every business. E-commerce platforms are common marketplaces where various vendors can register to sell their products, and customers can place their orders directly. When millions and billions of customers are already coming on any website to purchase the products, selling your products will not be that tough job for you. Here, we will talk about the best website platforms on which you can start selling your products immediately.

1. Amazon 

Amazon is already a popular name in the e-commerce industry. Amazon India is the most preferred marketplace in India. 76% of people shopping online consider it to be the most trusted online marketplace. Amazon is undoubtedly reliable and well known that attracts more than 124M people each & every month. Selling on Amazon automatically creates a feeling of trust and comfort for your customers. Also, such a large number of visitors means that your items are more likely to be seen. One of the best Indian online selling sites helps you as a platform to promote & market your products to hundreds of millions of customers worldwide.

You can sell items on Amazon in the following categories: General merchandise, including fashion, electronics, and accessories, mobile and tablets, appliances, home, and kitchen, grocery, among others.

To be a seller on Amazon you have to register an Amazon account for which you require a PAN Card, bank account, authorization of business to add private labels, GST details (GST Details are compulsory if you are listing taxable goods), and business address. There is no subscription fee but you will have to pay selling fees of Rs. 72 rupees per item sold, along with some other charges depending upon the item that has been sold.  

Amazon has a lot of products available at reasonable prices, which can be delivered to your door, even overnight but only in case if you are willing to pay the fee. They run sales that make some products cheaper or at least no more expensive than you might pay in a brick-and-mortar store. They also may have products that are not easily found in physical stores, or products not available in a person’s area.

2. Flipkart

Flipkart is one of the best Indian e-commerce online shopping and E-commerce sites. Flipkart started by selling books online. Now, the platform has expanded to include other categories like; lifestyle products, consumer electronics, and fashion products within reasonable prices. This platform allows sellers to reach millions of customers and is known for its quick payments (7-15 days) and timely pick-up services. Flipkart attracts more than 1,65,000 people every month. An Indian-based e-commerce business that serves only in India, for now, can be another best platform for you to start your entrepreneurial journey. The Big Billion Days and Flipkart Fashion Sales are the most popular sales of Flipkart that can drive a lot of profit for your business. 

You can sell items on Flipkart in the following categories: General merchandise, including fashion, electronics & accessories, mobile & tablets, appliances, home & kitchen, grocery, etc.

To sell on Flipkart you have to register on Flipkart for which you require a GST number, PAN Card (Personal PAN for the business type “Proprietorship” and Personal + Business PAN for business type as “Company”), GSTIN/TIN Number (not mandatory for few categories), Bank account and supporting KYC documents, Minimum of 1 unique product to sell. Flipkart offers you free registrations and further deductions depend solely on your product. It can vary from 5% to 25%. 

Flipkart is India’s largest online megastore. Flipkart has tie-ups with multiple courier services and hence can deliver most of the products to most of the areas in time. Flipkart sells only good quality, branded, and non-damaged products. It also helps to entertain for your own with a wide range of Blu-ray, 3D movies, Flyte music downloads & games.

3. Snapdeal

Snapdeal is an online selling platform in India that offers life-changing experiences, both to sellers & buyers. It is an old player in e-commerce, it’s behind the websites, as mentioned earlier. You can start selling on Snapdeal just after the completion of registration. You can get support from professionals for cataloging & account management services to get your listings live immediately. It is India’s largest online marketplace, with the widest assortment of 30 million+ products across 800+ diverse categories from over 125,000 regional, national, and international brands and retailers. With millions of users and more than 3,00,000 sellers, Snapdeal is the shopping destination for Internet users across the country, delivering to 3000+ cities and towns in India. Snapdeal attracts more than 2,100 people every month.

You can sell items on Snapdeal in the following categories: General merchandise including automotive, fashion, electronics & accessories, mobile & tablets, appliances, home & kitchen, among others.

To sell on Snapdeal you have to register on a snapdeal for which you require a PAN Card, GST number, Bank Account. Snapdeal does not charge anything to you for listing your catalog online. The registration process is free and the commission fee depends on your product ranging from 0%- 26%. Snapdeal provides a huge amount of variety and the quality of the product is very good. It provides faster delivery than any other shopping site.

They deliver their product in almost all parts of the country. User Review:I live in Uttrakhand where other shopping sites provide very limited products but Snapdeal also delivers their product very fast. 

4. IndiaMart

It is India’s largest online Business to Business (B2B) marketplace, connecting buyers with suppliers. With a market share of 60% of the online B2B classifieds space in India, the channel focuses on providing a platform to Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs), Large Enterprises as well as individuals. IndiaMART has around 60% market share of the online B2B classifieds sector in India. IndiaMART connects manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters, allowing them to promote and expose their products to each other through the platform. IndiaMart attracts more than 2,100 people every month.

You can sell items on IndiaMART in the following categories including building and construction, industrial machinery, apparel, electronics, and even chemical, dyes, etc.

To be a seller on IndiaMart you have to register an IndiaMart account for which you require GST details, Business Name, Contact details, Add 3 Products that you want to show in your catalog, and  Business address.

You also get access to an easy-to-use IndiaMART seller panel, which helps you manage your business on IndiaMART. As a verified registered seller on IndiaMART, you get access to inquiries from verified and authentic buyers. Additionally, if you are a registered user, you do not need to submit your information every time you wish to use the portal. This saves time.

5. Myntra

Myntra is a one-stop-shop for all your fashion and lifestyle needs. Myntra is India’s largest e-commerce store for fashion and lifestyle products aimed at providing a hassle-free and enjoyable shopping experience to shoppers across the country with the widest range of brands and products on its portal. Myntra attracts more than 74,000 people every month.

As a fashion retailer, Myntra stocks a range of goods from a wide variety of international and local brands, covering menswear, womenswear, kidswear, merchandise, and home & living items. Myntra is allowed only to sell by a business entity and not an individual. Therefore, the seller is required to do a legal registration of their business. 

Once the legal registration is done you can register on Myntra as a seller with details of your GST registration certificate and GSTIN number, PAN card, & account information. There is no seller commission to register on Myntra. Myntra charges a fixed commission of 4-5 percent depending on the category and brand of the product. Shipping costs are part of Myntra’s costs. It is the country’s largest online fashion retailer offering the opportunity to make your product a brand. Responsible for 80% to 90% of the sales of premier global brands. 

6. Paytm

Paytm, is a fast-growing e-commerce online shopping platform backed by an innovative mobile wallet concept. The platform has evolved into a fully functional website offering a vast range of goods & services which is perfect for sellers to promote their business online. The application is available in more than 11 languages. It is a B2C platform with a total of 1.4 lakh sellers registered and with 17 fulfillment centers across the nation. After working for financial technology for years it introduced another application named Paytm mall in the year 2017. Paytm attracts more than 27,100 people every month.

Paytm also allows you to sell products ranging from general merchandise & mobile payments that include fashion, electronics & accessories, mobile & tablets, appliances, home & kitchen, etc. 

To register on Paytm all you need is a business name, contact details, genuine product, bank account details, and PAN Card. The registration in Paytm is free of cost with 18% marketplace commission and 2.7% of payment gateway commission. It is considered to be fast and safe as it has a good reputation with financial transitions. The cashback & discount offers feature attracts a huge mass. 

7. Shopclues

ShopClues is among India’s largest private e-commerce platforms. The platform, which is valued at over $1.1 billion, is a hub for over 6 lakh merchants dealing in over 28 million products. The company serves more than 32,000 pin codes across India. ShopClues promotes both local and regional brands. Shopclues attract more than 1900 people every month.

You can sell items on Shopclues in the following categories they are considered premier for home & kitchen, fashion, mobiles & electronics, and sports, etc.

To be a seller on Shopclues you have to register a Shopclues account for which you require as, business entity, address and ID proof, registered trademark, and bank details, GST details. It covers PAN India, so even your bulky furniture can be delivered to any part of the nation. The largest marketplace built exclusively for furniture. 

8. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a section within Facebook where users can search, purchase, sell, and trade items with other people in their area. People can access Facebook Marketplace through the Facebook app or on the Facebook website. It has brought hundreds of million people from 70 different countries worldwide together to buy and sell. Facebook Marketplace attracts more than 5.0m people each & every month. You can sell items on Facebook Marketplace in the following categories, Children’s Clothes, Toys, Electronic and gadgets, Furniture, Handmade Items, etc.

To be a seller on Facebook Marketplace you have to register a Facebook Business Account/ Page, Business Name and Physical Address, Bank Account for Payouts, GST details. There are no listing fees, but there are specific guidelines and requirements that you must follow as a seller on Marketplace.

Extended Access: Retailers at the marketplace will be able to market their brands and products. 

Personalized Customer Experience: The Facebook marketplace Surface Products is relevant to consumers, helping your business find the right customers.

9. eBay

eBay is an online shopping site that’s best known for its auctions and consumer-to-consumer sales. It is also extremely popular for online merchants to use as a sales channel. eBay is available in many different countries. However, you can search for products available in your local area by entering a zip code. Alternatively, you can search for products available nationally or internationally. With nearly 25 million sellers & 170 million active buyers. eBay attracts more than 37.2m people every month.

You can sell items on eBay in the following categories: Books, Business and Industrial, Clothing, Shoes, and accessories, Crafts, Motors, Pet Supplies, Sporting Goods, etc.To be a seller on eBay you have to register to Provide details with a valid credit card, debit card, or bank account information. These fees vary and are calculated according to what your product is, what kinds of categories it is listed in, how many, as well as shipping. 

Key Points: account management is easy, Easy to track all of the products you are selling, Easy way of marketing, Payment trackers are the most accurate.

10. Quikr

Quikr is a private advertising platform. The platform serves more than 900 cities and towns in India. Their purpose is to connect buyers and sellers to make online sales and shopping easier. They allow you to sell and buy a whole range of categories that relate to daily life. Quikr attracts more than 9,900 people every month.

The platform operates in many categories like; Jobs, services, real estate, and general merchandise, etc.

To be a seller on quikr you have to register Bank details, business details, product to sell (new or used), and verified address. Delivery of client-focused solutions and creating long-lasting relationships. Retain continuous awareness of transactions, sales, and purchases.

Frequently Asked Questions:

# What are the best online selling websites for merchants in India?

You can find many recommended online selling site in India from our list, like:

  • Flipkart

  • Amazon India

  • Snapdeal

  • Paytm

# Which websites rank as the top sellers in India?

There is a great increase in the e-commerce market in India. According to the research, India’s top-selling websites are: 

  • Amazon India. 

  • Flipkart. 

  • Snapdeal.

  • eBay India.

  • Shopclues 

# What is the best website for selling electronics in India?

As there is a huge demand for electronics in India, sellers will experience great business opportunity to boost their business online, you can keep in mind these online sales sites, including:

  • Flipkart

  • Amazon India

  • Snapdeal

  • Paytm

  • Gadgets Now

# What is the best site to sell clothing online in India?

There are some best websites to sell clothing and fashion goods in India, like:

  • Voonik

  • Croma

  • Meesho

  • Craftsvilla

  • ShopClues

  • Flipkart

  • Amazon India

# What’s the cheapest online shopping marketplace in India?

Some discount shopping websites with great deals for consumers to shop at a cheaper price, such as:

  • Amazon

  • Flipkart

  • Shopclues

  • Paytm

  • Infibeam

  • Jabong

  • Homeshop 18

  • Snapdeal

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