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Turning your Business Digital? you’re on the right path

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Are you a Businessman relying on papers/spreadsheets to keep track of all your Business transactions?
If yes, I assume that you’re a startup or a small business in your industry.

You may be looking for software that helps you manage your business effortlessly.

One such solution is VYAPAR, a business management software. It is a straightforward approach to manage accounting, inventory, expenses, the creation of estimates on the go, invoicing, taxation and much more. It deals with practical Business requirements and is GST compliant.

 Here’s how Vyapar can help your Business

#1 Did you know? 33% of all businesses will fail in the first 2 years.
Even businesses with strong growth can fail due to the reason that growing a business can eat cash fast. The longer you neglect your business finances the harder it is to put things right.

The point is this: With Vyapar, you can effortlessly maintain proper financial records of your Business. Only with proper records, sound decision-making is possible. Knowing where your company stands financially in terms of income and expenses will help you better understand what you need to do in the future.
This, in turn, gives you a good grip on your Business.

#2 If you’re a sole member business, you do everything- including Invoicing, managing inventory, and much more. And when business is good, remembering all those payments you need to receive gets really difficult. And your customers are not going to voluntarily come to you asking, “Here’s your payment, take it”. Business can lead to slow leaks and small leaks can sink a huge ship, Beware!!

The point is this: Vyapar can help you track, who owes you what, what you owe to who, manage expense records seamlessly, track inventory while maintaining a budget.
This results in Fewer chances of Losing Money.

#3  Small Business Accounting is time-consuming, tedious, and complicated.
Some unlucky soul in your team is managing that (if not you) or you’re outsourcing it to an accountant. Nothing can make accounting fun, but Vyapar makes it effortless.

The point is this: Whoever handles the accounting, Vyapar is going to make their job a whole lot easier. Right from invoicing, generating reports and tax calculation, things happen in the background without you needing to spend time on it.
And obviously, your Book Keeping job gets easier

#4 Tax preparation under GST without proper records is a torture.
Moreover, it’ll be lot time-consuming. Either you’re tracking down a year’s worth of records on your own (have fun with that) or you’re dependent on an accountant to do the work and this isn’t a good sign.

The point is this: Vyapar most importantly sets you up for the financial data you need when it comes time to filing and paying your company’s taxes.
As a result, t
ax time will be a not be a hard time for you

#5 When the Business transactions are properly tracked and documented, the exposure to risks is significantly minimized. And if the government ever conduct an audit of your company, your Business history is going to be your best friend.

The point is this:  Vyapar sets you up with proper financial data which is going to help you at the times when you’re questioned by the Govt.

Meaning, This would be the best defence when inquiring parties come calling.

#6 Lack of financial records will make things difficult for Business Expansion. If your business gets to the stage where it’s time to expand, open a new location or build out a team, a lack of financial records will make things difficult. Would you give a loan to someone with no evidence of responsible financial practices?

The point is this: Vyapar creates a history of your business which is very crucial in many cases.

You can grow your business in a way that can be measured and predicted.

 So… are we in agreement that Business management Software like VYAPAR —is a must-have for all small businessman? For more info visit www.vyaparapp.in

Happy Vyaparing!!!

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