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What’s New in this Update – Vyapar 8.5 – Vyapar Support

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Vyapar Update – Vyapar 8.5  has been released. Managing your Business keeps getting better. Here’s what new in this BIG release.

  1. Free Quantity – Vyapar Update :
    Let’s say you are giving away “Buy 2 Get 1 Free“ offer. This means the bill has to be generated for 3 items at the cost of 2. Or suppose, you may want to give out free samples to your customers as a part of your business strategy.  In other words, you’ll have to bill items without charging the amount from customers. 

Free Quantity” feature in Vyapar gives you an easy way to tackle such situations.
Steps to use Free Quantity:

  1. Invoice printing customization of item table – Vyapar Update.
    If all you wanted was some customization of your invoice. Here’s some good news this vyapar release brings you. With the latest Vyapar 8.5, you can customise invoice even better to fit your requirements.

STEPS to Customize Invoice:

Choose your OWN HEADINGS
You can replace the default heading with your own heading name.
For eg:  Change “Item Name” into “Product Name”, “Discount” into “ Cut off” or into anything that your business demands.

  • Define your OWN WIDTH
    Adjust the Column width of fields appearing on your invoice. This way you can utilise the space efficiently.
    For eg: Allotting extra space for the “Item Name” col & cutting down space for “Quantity” column can be done by increasing WIDTH RATIO of the first and reducing the latter.
  • KEEP what you want & REMOVE what you don’t.
    Deleting columns/fields from your invoice you no more require is now under your control
    For eg: You may choose not to show “Discounts Percentage” offered to your customer. Just “Discount” Column should suffice. You can achieve this by UNTICKING “Discounts Percentage” in the item customization popup and TICKING (if not ticked) “Discount” column.
  1. E-Waybill Number – Vyapar Update

Do you have to show your E-Way Bill Number on some of your invoices??
Under GST, transporters should carry an invoice containing an E-Way Bill Number when moving goods costing more than Rs. 50,000  from one place to another. If your business requires you to make such transportations,you might end up being troubled if your invoice has no E-Way Bill Number on it. Vyapar helps you make such additions to your invoices with ease.

Steps to enable you to add GST Eway Bill Number on your Invoice

Where to get your E-Way Bill Number:

  • Register on the EWB PORTAL.
  • Enter your TRANSACTION DETAILS (Transaction Type, Sub Type, Vehicle NO… etc) and follow the procedure requesting an e-way bill. Know more about how to generate a GST Eway Bill here.
  • When an E-Way Bill is generated a unique number (E-Way Bill Number -EBN) is available to you.
  • You can enter this on your SALE INVOICE.
  1. Print Sale Transaction as a Delivery Challan – Vyapar Update.

How do you guarantee that the delivered order has reached safe hands in good condition? What if it reaches wrong hands and is mishandled?
What if the person receiving the product carelessly damages it/ loses it and blames you on later stages.
Under such situations, the responsibility for the damage will still be on your head.
How do you prove that the fault hasn’t happened from your end?

This is why receiving an acknowledgement upon delivery of the order is an absolute necessity. Vyapar helps you install such acknowledgement process.

With Vyapar, you can create delivery challan which can be used as a delivery receipt. This receipt can be used to get the signature of the recipients.This further acknowledges that all the received products by the customer are in perfect condition without any defect after a thorough inspection. This challan is usually given to the deliverer. He or she will have to sign it as a token of acceptance of the receivables.

Vyapar Update, Vyapar 8.5, Free Quantity,Invoice printing customization of item table ,E-Waybill Number, Print Sale Transaction as a Delivery Challan, Transaction Report, Order Item Report

Steps to Generate Delivery Challan

  1. Transaction Report – Vyapar Update
    When your business grows, the number of orders you get increases and hence the speed of the delivery should rise too. Your delivery guy may need the list of orders for a speedy delivery.  Do you have the list ready to hand it over?? Probably not!

Vyapar brings in a new feature to help you in this situation.
Now, you can not just view order, but also print/share them for your convenience. Find PRINT option under order reports and click on it to print the orders to be sent for delivery.

(SIDE NOTE: “ORDER FORM”  has to be enabled. To enable it to follow the path Settings> Transaction> Enable Order Form)

  1. Steps to print/share Transaction Report6. Order Item Report – Vyapar Update
  • Imagine you’ve got 10 different order. Each order containing varying items in it.
    Fetching items order-wise from your godowns/warehouses independently will be pointless and may cost you more.
  • Being a Business Owner, you know a smarter way of doing such movements. You make a list of all the items from every order and hand it over to the delivery agent who fetches it from the godown on your behalf.
  • Vyapar’s new feature makes this process faster by allowing you to print this list effortlessly.

Steps to print/share Order Item Report

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