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What is Challan Format in Excel?

Section 87(2) of the CGST act of the Government of India, 2017 lays down the provisions for payment challan under GST. The registered taxpayer or any other person making payment on his behalf is required to generate a payment challan on the GST portal for payment of GST.

The first step towards creating GST payment is generating GST payment Challan. This Challan results in Form GST PMT – 06 on the common portal. That's why the taxpayer or any other person making payment on his behalf needs to fill in the following requisite details:

  • the amount of tax to be deposited
  • interest, penalty, fees, or any other amount

Points to Keep in Mind While Making the GST Payments?

Points to Keep in Mind While Making the GST Payments
The taxpayers should know the following two things while they are issuing the GST Payment Challan on the GST Portal: The GST Payment Challan initiated in Form GST PMT – 06 on the common portal will be valid for 15 days from the issue date.

The person who provides OIDAR services overseas to a non–taxable online recipient shall also result in GST Payment Challan. It is done through the board's payment system – Electronic Accounting System in Excise and Service Tax from the date as informed by the board.

Benefits of Using the GST Challan Format in Excel?

Benefits of Using the GST Challan Format in Excel

The benefits of GST Payment Challan are as follows:

  • If any online payments are made by using this Form, GST PMT-06 will be credited to the electronic cash ledger of the taxpayer on the same day.
  • The GST practitioners shall make payments on behalf of their clients.
  • Single ChallanChallan to be generated online by replacing the three-four copy challan
  • Using GST challan provides instant online payment, no long queues for making payments, and higher transparency.
  • There is no limit to the number of GST challans a taxpayer creates in a single day.

Which Mode to Choose For Making a GST Challan Payment in Excel Format?

Choose Your Mode for GST Challan Payment in Excel Format

In today's era, businesses must choose one of the modes of GST payment while generating the GST challan in the form PMT-06. The essential choice depends upon the availability of time to file the GST return before the due date, convenience, the banker, etc.

The following are primary modes of GST payment available on the GST portal:

  • Using the Online payments
  • Using the Net banking
  • Using the Debit card/credit card (Not activated)
  • Unified Payment Interface (UPI) and the Immediate Payment Services (IMPS)

Essential Points on Online GST Payments

Points on Online GST Payments

Online mode, in general, said to those payments made through internet banking. Taxpayers can easily and quickly pay through these modes with or without logging in to the GST portal by downloading the GST challan in Excel.

There is a list of picked banks that the GST portal allows the original copy to taxpayers to pay from. They should choose the bank and instantly make their respective GST payments online using a card or net banking.

After making the GST payment, the electronic cash ledger gets automatically updated. If the taxpayer generates Challan without logging in, they must ensure to finish the payment immediately.

Offline payments

  • National Electronic Fund Transfer/Real-Time Gross Settlement is called NEFT or RTGS.
  • Over-the-counter (Cheque/Demand Draft/Cash), also called the OTC.

Notes for offline GST payment

Offline options incorporate the cheque, DD, cash, NEFT or RTGS, which can be chosen voluntarily. Alternatively, one of these modes is selected when a taxpayer does not throw back into the net banking/card payment list.

Taxpayers can go through these modes upon creating the GST challan, before or after logging in to the GST portal. Take a printout of it, fill in depositor and instrument details, and sign and submit it to the bank to complete the payment accompanied by the copy.

In the case of OTC, banks shall process the instrument in a day or two but not more than that. After that, the electronic cash ledger gets updated with the amounts. The highest amount that any taxpayer can pay through the OTC is Rs 10,000. The taxpayer must go for other modes if the payable amount exceeds this limit.

The steps vary if the taxpayer has selected the RTGS/NEFT while generating ChallanChallan. In this case, he must take a printout of the Challan, fill and sign the mandate, and submit it along with the Challan to the bank.

The bank processes this and provides the Unique Transaction Reference (UTR) number, usually within a few hours. After that, the taxpayer should log in to the portal to link the UTR number against the particular Challan, and the electronic cash ledger gets updated.

What is the Difference Between Invoice and Delivery Challan?

Invoice vs Delivery Challan

The essential difference between the tax invoice and the delivery challan is given down below:

  • The tax invoice contains ownership proof and legal responsibilities; on the other hand, the delivery challan does not contain proof of ownership or legal responsibilities.
  • Tax invoices show the actual value of goods, while the delivery challan shows that the customer has acknowledged receipt of the goods.
  • It is proof that a sale transaction has taken place; on the other hand, delivery challan may or may not result in a sale.
  • A tax Invoice depicts the actual value of the goods, including the applicable taxes. On the other hand, delivery challan displays the rate of a particular product but not the total value of the sale.

Additional Benefits of Using the Vyapar App to Make Delivery Challans.

Challan Format in PDF

Convenient Data Entry:

As we all know, manual bookkeeping requires massive data entry. As a bookkeeper, you must spend most of your time filling cash registers and spreadsheets.

Luckily, here the Vyapar app automates these time-taking tasks for you so that you can focus on what matters to you and helps you in issuing a delivery challan to your clients.

Speed and Accuracy:

Speed is essential for running any business, especially in today's modern era. Generation GST- compliment invoices and setting bill payments and estimates on the go is something we need to do, or else we will lose the opportunity.

The Vyapar app for desktop here lets you do this and much more. Thus with the help of the Vyapar app adding pace to your operations and letting you achieve your business goals.

Efficient inventory management:

Using the Vyapar app helps you to manage and track and manage your inventory effectively. Its dashboard will provide you with real-time insights into your stock inventory level with serial number.

Vyapar will let you determine which items are about to run out of stock. It ensures easy delivery of goods by your side.


Usually MSMEs, on average, spend at least more than Rs.50,000 per year on accounting and administrative costs. Vyapar app will eliminate all the extra costs so that you can invest real-time funds and issue the delivery challan quickly.

Online/Offline Software:

Vyapar app helps you perform your business-to-business transaction online and offline and helps you issue a delivery challan. You don't have to worry about the internet connection and the network issue across India, particularly in hilly and densely forested areas.

The Vyapar app helps you issue a tax invoice and send the original copies to your customers. Further, you can also generate invoices, record expenses, and manage your cash book.


Vyapar app also offers a wide variety of themes that can be used to change your dashboard per your requirements. Vyapar also offers you the original copy of professional invoice templates.

It will let you send well-designed invoices and get paid on time. The challan formats in excel provided by Vyapar can help make suitable challans seamlessly with little effort.

Bank Account Management:

We all know that managing multiple bank accounts is difficult, but the Vyapar app or PC makes adding and managing multiple accounts much easier.

Vyapar supports major credit cards, debit cards, and e-wallets to ensure efficient payments. You can also use the Vyapar dashboard to tally along the serial number and bank statements and keep an eye on your cash flow.

Valuable Features of the Vyapar App

Features of the Vyapar App

GST Billing and invoicing:

These days creating GST-compliant accurate invoices is essential to run your business throughout India. Vyapar supports various types of mixed, credit, and proforma invoices.

With the help of Vyapar billing Software, you can create GST bills that comply with India's GST laws along with the original copies. It automates your billing requirements with the correct serial number, which is a great help in running your respective businesses. The Vyapar assists the MSMEs businesses in saving more time in accounting.

Here, you can create a GST bill in both online and offline modes in a few simple and easy steps, which helps you to keep your account updated. Vyapar app makes it easy to issue a delivery challan to share with the other business owners and customers. It will allow you GST invoices, unlike other billing software.

Receivables and Payables:

Vyapar app also helps you to differentiate the accounts receivables and payables. Vyapar lets you stay on top of your finances and quickly determine the amount of money you have to "receive" or "pay" for the delivery of goods. Moreover, Vyapar also helps you to identify the defaulters who have delayed your payments.

Accounting Software Vyapar users can keep all the transaction details safe and secure and issue debit and credit notes seamlessly. You can set up payment reminders to ensure your customers pay on time. Users can send their payments via UPI, e-mails, WhatsApp or b. Vyapar helps to save your time by sending payment reminders to all your customers using the current payment reminder feature.

Download Free Challan Format in Excel

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do You Mean By GST Challan Payment?

Every registered taxpayer or person making payment on his behalf must generate a GST payment challan for delivering the goods. It is the initial step toward making the payment of GST.

How Can I Download the GST Challan?

Here’s how you can download GST delivery challan in Excel format:

  • Then go to Portal.
  • After that, log in to the portal.
  • Then you should Click Services > Payments > My Saved Challans.
  • Saved Challans will be displayed in the following numerical order (most recently saved ChallanChallan is shown first in the list )
  • Under the Action column, click the Edit button to edit the saved ChallanChallan, and your delivery challan will be saved.

What is 35% Challan in GST in Excel Format?

35% challan type is a self-generated challan, and the challan amount is automatically calculated by the system, which cannot be edited. Only under the circumstances, when you select the option of Challan on a Self-assessment basis, will you be able to edit the challan amount details.

Why is the GST Challan in the Format Excel Created?

PMT-06 is a challan very useful for making payment of tax, interest, late fees and penalties under the GST law. Under Gol GST rule, no more physically filled challans are accepted.

Hence, it is mandatory to be generated from the government's GST portal each time before the payment transaction by regular taxpayers.

What Do You Understand About the GST Challan Number?

GST Portal issued a unique challan with a 17-digit identity number on submission. This number is called CIN, and every CIN has a 17-digit unique code, which integrates the 14-digit CPIN and a 3-digit Bank Code.

Is E-Invoice Essential For Delivery Challan?

Line items carried in an e-invoice have been increased from 250 to 10,000 per e-invoice. IRN is also required on debit notes, credit notes, export invoices and Input Service Distributor's invoices and credit notes. IRN does not need to be obtained for delivery challan and bill of supply.

What is the Difference Between Delivery Challan and E-Way Bill?

Delivery Challan is an accounting document which will be issued by a consignor for the delivery of goods by a company when there is no issue of tax invoice. It will work as an e-Way Bill, and all digital notes accompanied by copies of the e-Way bill will be issued to the transporter, consignor and consignee by GST Portal.

How Can I Cancel the GST Challan?

GST Challan, as once it is issued, it cannot be canceled. In such circumstances, you cannot make the payment. The Challan would expire within 15 days from creation.

What is the Difference Between a Delivery Challan and a Delivery Note?

A delivery note is a document that goes along with the shipment of goods. Meanwhile, delivery challans are issued while making a delivery of goods to the buyer and impact the inventory levels since it decreases the inventory stock.

How Do We Know the Status of the GST Challan Paid Or Not?

  • 1. See the challan status in the above section of "GST challan paid."
  • 2. Then check the "Deposit status."
  • 3. If it is paid, it will show on the screen as "paid"; otherwise not be paid.