Free Inventory Management Software in India

Easily track your inventory, know which items sell fast, which items expire soon. Invest on right inventory & earn better profit with India's Best Inventory Management Software for FREE.

Free Free Inventory Management Software in India

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How to Add Stock Inventory

Why Choose Vyapar Inventory Management Software?

Uses of Vyapar Inventory Management Software

Track Inventory on your Smartphone-

No one likes to lose customers due to lack of inventory to sell and no one wishes to pile up unnecessary stock. Luckily, you can use our free inventory management software to keep your inventory in check. By analysing the sales reports, you can plan your next purchase of items right before they are about to get exhausted.

Using Vyapar’s free inventory software, you will have all the required supplies to run your business effectively. Every time you receive new products, your employee can update the list in our software. Further, you can decide the inventory size of each store separately by analysing a shop’s sale reports thoroughly.

Create Sales/Purchase order wherever you are-

You can track your inventory anytime, anywhere. So, you need not be in your shop to place a new order to refill your supplies. You can book advance orders so that you have new items before your inventory gets short of it. Our free software for inventory management helps you by setting up an alert for purchase orders before your stock goes down a preset level.

Vyapar software for inventory management ensures that your customers would not have to return empty-handed ever. Using our app, smart inventory management is no more a mere dream. Inventory management has helped many small and medium businesses in India by cutting down their unnecessary stockpiling.

Bill faster with Barcode Scanning-

The Vyapar software allows you to use barcode scanning to add items to your bill. As you sell your products or purchase new ones, your inventory will get updated when you add the bills. Using smart detection technology, items in your stock will get updated accordingly.

Using our free software for inventory management, you can reduce the time and efforts required to manage an inventory. Further, it helps keep records of your merchandise, thereby eliminating the slightest possibility of mistakes. You can save a copy of your data in drive to ensure its safety.

Get Real-time updates on your inventory-

Real-time figures give the best idea about the performance of a business. Our free software for stock management helps you take quick actions right before your inventory starts lacking an item. You can keep the real-time inventory in check and place new orders with your suppliers before an item gets exhausted.

Vyapar software for stock management allows you to set up automatic order placement with your supplier. However, real-time data will enable you to prepare yourself for unexpected seasonal sales. So, be ready with a fair amount of stock to retain every opportunity that comes along your way and maximise your returns.

Common Features of Inventory Management software

Different Features of medical shop billing software

Create & Share Invoices

Create Invoice with just the field you need for shipping, billing, terms, item etc. Share them in seconds with your parties. Share invoices on WhatsApp, SMS or even email and get paid via UPI payments effortlessly.

Pick Invoice themes

With our professional set of invoice themes and customizable features, you can send personalized beautiful invoices to your customers that reflects your brand’s identity.. Impress customers with professional business invoicing and accounting app .

Accept orders in advance

Collect orders for your business even while you’re not at the shop. Create sale/purchase orders-forms in no time with this inventory management software. The Premium Inventory option allows you to create unlimited purchase orders that you can easily turn to invoices as needed. Create and track sale/purchase orders end-to-end with this free inventory management software. Generate invoices in single click for your orders.

Backup / Restore Your Data

“Auto Backup” feature of this small business inventory management software will take automatic backup of Business data to keep them fully safe on your device/google drive, so you can “go back in time” and restore a file before it was changed or deleted. The backup and restore feature of Vyapar inventory software helps you to protect your invoicing database form unfortunate events or to transfer it from one PC to another.

Works both on Mobile & Desktop

This GST invoicing software works both on Android Mobile & Windows Desktop so that you can start managing your business and your inventory digitally and efficiently right on your smartphone and PC without any compatibility concerns.

Send Estimates & Quotations

You can create and share estimates with your potential customers using this inventory software. With this free GST inventory management software for mobile, convert your estimate to invoice in just one click. Make your business look super professional and ensure your customers keep coming back with this Inventory Management software.

Record Expenses

This small business inventory management software also helps you track all the money spent for your business needs. By recording expenses, you can optimize your business expenditure and save money which can be used to grow your business. This free India’s inventory software helps you enter GST invoice format of expenses, which can be used to claim your input tax credit.

Delivery Challan

Create delivery challans and attach them with your consignment. Convert your delivery challans to GST invoices and share easily with your customers and parties. Also maintain delivery acknowledgment records and see what is accepted or returned by your customers. Run complete business easily with this gst accounting software free.

Bank Accounts

Firstly, this inventory software allows you to record your business transactions with banks. Add, manage and track payments received-to/paid-through your bank accounts, e-wallets etc. on the go using Vyapar App.

Business Status

This inventory management software lets you evaluate the performance of your business effortlessly. Know everything about your business at any point of time using Vyapar’s insights like Cashflow, Stock/Inventory status, Bank status, Open Orders etc. Understand the complete status of your business in one place and run a financially healthy business using this inventory management software.

Data Safety and Security

This inventory management software is completely secure and provides you with a 100% efficient automatic backup system to keep your data safe with you. Vyapar automatically takes backup of all your data to your Google Drive in encrypted format to avoid any chance of losing them due to device change or damage.

Regular / Thermal Printer

Plugin your thermal/handy printer, or connect through Bluetooth, wifi. This inventory management software is compatible with almost all. Printing professional invoices is super critical for building your business' brand. This free inventory management software helps you generate all types of invoice prints like A4, A5, thermal print sizes etc.

Benefits of Free Inventory Management Software

  • Track items in your inventory effortlessly.
  • Ability to locate items with necessary batches in seconds.
  • Instantly know the accurate status of your inventory.
  • Identify “Soon-to-expire” products in a click.
  • Get automatic alerts when stocks go low and refill them quick to avoid “out-of-stock” scenarios.
  • Stock rotation becomes smooth.
  • Reduce the risk of over-stocking items.
  • Eliminates the manual work involved in counting inventories.
  • Increases business efficiency and productivity.
  • Ability to make profitable decisions while investing on inventory.
  • Saves cost, time and effort.
  • Avoid excess stock accumulation.
  • Get Insightful data on your inventory.

Suited for Businesses

Suited for Businesses


Stationery shops sell a wide range of items, and managing the inventory can become challenging due to changing prices every season. You can feed the list of items and their prices in our free inventory management software for stationery shops.

Grocery Store

Creating invoices for customers becomes easier for grocery shops by using our free inventory management app. Vyapar allows grocery stores to make price changes according to the market prices whenever applicable to bill their customers right on the spot.


Keeping track of stock is crucial for a supermarket. By employing Vyapar app in the systems, supermarkets can keep track of items available for sale, and create alerts to place new orders never to get short on supplies.

Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry relies on the availability of raw materials to make the materials required for construction. Using our free stock management tool, you can check out whether or not you have enough supplies to carry out your operations seamlessly at any point in time.


A restaurant needs to track its inventory during the working hours continuously. You need to take a food item out of the list for the convenience of customers. Using Vyapar, a restaurant can deliver the promises they make while accepting orders.

Paint shop

Paint shops offer many varieties of paints for different purposes. By having an inventory management tool, paint shops can list all available color options and paint types in the list. It will help you to bill your customers depending on their purchase.


Items in a jewellery shop are prepared using valuable metals, stones, and gems. Every jeweller needs to keep their inventory in check so that they can report and track down any missing item immediately. Vyapar, an inventory management tool, is perfect for bringing safety to a jewellery shop.

Medical Store

Medical stores need to keep track of expiry dates corresponding to every supply they have in store. Using the best inventory management software for medical business, you can ensure that all your store supplies are good for consumption. It further helps in placing orders by setting alerts whenever inventory gets short in supplies, or expiry dates come closer.

Provision store

Provision stores sell a wide range of food items and consumable products. The variety of items in provision stores is wide, and it becomes difficult to keep track of prices and items available in the shop with manual remembrance. Vyapar helps provision stores keep track of prices efficiently and set up alerts for placing new orders.


Our free salon inventory management software is the perfect way to manage cosmetic products in stock. You can quickly plan the purchase of new cosmetic products by analyzing the sales report using Vyapar app.

Mobile Shop

A mobile shop sells mobiles from various companies and in a varying range. You can keep track of all the smart phones you have in your inventory. Our inventory tracking software will help you keep your supplies in check with regard to the sales.

Hardware business

You can list all your hardware in one place from small spare parts to huge machine parts. Using the Vyapar app, any hardware business can save the space required to keep these tools. It eliminates the possibility of purchasing unnecessary additional components that are not in demand.

Electrical shop

Keep track of your tools, products, and supplies by using our free inventory management software for electrical shops. Vyapar app enables electrical shops to accept advance orders. By having the requirements in check, you can place orders with your suppliers as per the project demands.

Automobile shop

Automobile shops sell and repair cars from new and old models. Keeping track of spare parts, tools, and vehicle counts are crucial to keep the automobile business running. Using Vyapar inventory management software, you can rest assured by keeping the stock numbers in place.

Apparel shop

Clothing shop inventory management tool by Vyapar is perfect for keeping the stock in check as per demand. You can place orders for new outfits as per the sales report by analysing clothes' demand in different size and styles. Our apparel inventory management tool is free for Android devices, and you can use it seamlessly in your store.

Footwear shop

Every footwear shop manages a wide range of shoe collections for both men and women. You can keep track of your sales and most popular footwear types’ using a footwear inventory management app. Vyapar allows you to understand your sales report and plan to buy more popular products to boost sales.

Furniture store

Space and inventory management is essential for a furniture store. Using the Vyapar app to manage your furniture store inventory can help optimize the area in your store in the best way. Using your sales report, you can select the quantities of each furniture type and their variations in store.

Construction material

Our free inventory tracker tool for construction material is perfect for general contractors and construction companies. Using it keeps all raw materials in place and helps place pre-orders before you finish off your supplies.

Retail Shops

Many customers purchase at a retail store, and it can become challenging to bill them altogetherif handled manually. Using our inventory management feature, you can create bills for all customers while ensuring you have enough supplies to keep up with future sales.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Inventory Management Software?

Inventory management software is a professional tool for businesses to handle supplies, stocks, or inventory. Smart inventory control is crucial for companies to maximize profits and minimize the use of space required for storage. Many businesses use Vyapar’s inventory management app to understand what sells more and create the next fiscal business plan.

best software to use for inventory management?

A professional inventory management tool should do more than keeping the list of items in place. The best inventory management software enables easy tracking of items in stock, managing sale/purchase orders, creating reports to understand the popularity of products, and performing many more tasks. Vyapar is considered as the finest inventory management tool with a simple user interface.

Inventory Management Software?

In general, inventory management software is divided into two categories:

1. Perpetual inventory system:
Perpetual inventory management systems are perfect when you need to track your inventory at every moment. In this software, the number of items and supplies is updated after each sale, purchase, or item removal. To do it perfectly, the software needs access to this information for every business activity. Using it, you can set up reminders to place orders with your suppliers whenever you use up your stock. It is an excellent fit for businesses working in multiple locations and stores, as it makes a quick response possible. It eliminates the chances of fraud and helps accelerate business growth by keeping the inventory in check.

2. Periodic inventory software:
Periodic inventory management software does not track inventory at every point in time. They instead provide values for the opening and closing inventory status during a specific time frame. Most of them rely on physical inventory counts for precision. The beginning of an inventory here is the ending of previous stock. You might sometimes run out of stock and put a hold on operations to wait for required raw materials.

Why does a business require Inventory Management Software?

Business keeps track of their supplies to make sure the company runs smoothly. Having a professional inventory management tool, you can schedule alerts for items as per their demand in your store. It will ensure that supplies stay in place, and your business operations stay functional.

features that make any Inventory Management Software perfect?

Some features that make inventory management software suitable for businesses are:

1. Ability to track inventory status
2. Set up alerts as per the sales history
3. Keep track of sale/purchase orders to plan out purchases
4.Seamless user interface to help save time5. Best price to value delivery

What are the factors that must be kept in mind before purchasing the best Inventory Management Software?

Before purchasing inventory management software, consider these things.

1. Data safety and security:
The most crucial factor to consider is the safety of your data. With Vyapar inventory management tool, your data is encrypted, and only you can access it. You can easily make a data backup for additional safety and set up automated backups to drive.

2. Customer support:
Many inventory management tools no longer provide active support staff to handle queries of customers. Ensure that your inventory management software is backed up by a team dedicated to providing quality services. Vyapar is the best free inventory management tool that offers fast customer support to help you tackle any difficulty that comes your way.

3. Available features:
A simple list of stock available in your possession does not make good inventory management software. You need to check out the features that can help you make it a perfect choice. Vyapar provides you with all features required for your financial, accounting, inventory, and billing requirements. Having it, you need not have multiple software in place.

What is the cost associated with Inventory Management Software?

Vyapar inventory management software is free for Android devices for a lifetime. For desktop inventory management software, you can avail a 15-days free trial, and then pay a small fee for a year-long subscription.