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GST Billing and Accounting software for PC

Record, manage & track your business activities digitally on your PC using India’s #1 GST Accounting Software. Best suited for small businesses. 15-Day Free Trial

Why use Vyapar: Accounting software for Desktop

Keep accurate records, desktop accounting software

Keep accurate records
Use desktop accounting software to keep track of your everyday transactions. It is crucial for managing cash flow and eliminating issues that might occur when you file taxes. Using the Vyapar pc software, you can make the whole process of managing invoices and expenditure at one place seamlessly.

Keep watch on business health, desktop accounting software

Keep watch on business health
Identify how your business is performing any time by using free accounting software for pc. Vyapar makes it simpler for anyone to understand the financial health of their company by allowing you to create reports and analyse the data of your sales and expenses. It will help in managing your business and make relevant decisions by evaluating ongoing trend cycles.

Keep watch on business health, desktop accounting software
Get paid faster with Vyapar, desktop accounting software

Get paid faster
Now you don't have to bother about potential delays in receiving payments. You can use the best accounting software for pc to send a reminder for invoice payments. The automated reminders can help your clients remember to pay on time. Further, you can share UPI details to receive payments directly within your bank account.

Look professional, billing software for pc

Look professional
Your invoice showcases your brand's identity, and you can showcase your professionalism by adding the essential information in your invoices like the GST, company logo, and contact details. Desktop accounting software will help you build a better relationship with your customers and help them gain trust in your brand.

Look professional, billing software for pc
Save time and money, billing software for pc

Save time and money
You need not spend money on old accounting techniques where you need multiple accountants making efforts to manage your business accounts. You can handle all your business accounting needs using Vyapar pc software. Using it requires a single operator, thereby saving you a lot of money and time for the accounting work.

Grow Business faster, billing software for pc

Grow your business faster
You can quickly expand your business by incorporating our accounting software for pc. It can help you trace the growth of your business without requiring you to keep an eye on each one of your business throughout the day. You can easily track faults and handle the situations like going short on inventory well in time.

Grow Business faster, billing software for pc

Features to run your business

Professional GST Invoices, accounting software for pc

Professional GST Invoices

Make and print invoices. Share it with your customers using this best accounting software. Choose from best invoice templates, colours and themes. You can even add your business logo and signature on your invoices to look more professional in the eyes of your customers.

Stock/Inventory Management, accounting software for pc

Stock/Inventory Management

With this best accounting app for PC, you can never experience Out-of-Stock issues with your inventory. This free accounting Indian app helps you manage your full stock inventory, organize products into categories, know when stocks go low and invest on right best selling products to increase your small business revenue.

Customize GST invoices, billing software for pc

Customize GST invoices

This GST software for PC is completely customizable. It lets you enable or disable any functionality based on your small business needs. This free Accounting app allows you choose settings that is applicable on your business.

Auto Backup, billing software for pc

Auto Backup

Your data is 100% safe with "Auto backup" functionality of this best accounting software. This Free GST software backs up your business data automatically to your personal google drive at set intervals and keeps your updated business data safe at all times so that you can retrieve them back when you need.

Critical Business Reports, billing software for pc

Critical Business Reports

Generate all your Tax reports for quick tax filing. This best accounting tool for PC helps you make GSTR 1, GSTR 2, GSTR 3B, GSTR 9 and all other types of Tax reports. This Free software also has reports like Profit and Loss reports, Party Statement, Inventory Reports, Sale and Purchase reports and much more.

Business Status, desktop accounting software

Business Status

With this GST Accounting Application for PC, you can view the overall status of your small business. This best accounting app for PC gives information about your Cash-in hand, Inventory Value, Business Expenses, Account balances. etc. instantly.

Go Paperless, desktop accounting software

Go Paperless With Vyapar Software

Our Earth is precious and we need to work together to save it. With this free GST accounting software in India, you can share all your invoices, business reports digitally using whatsapp, sms or email and save paper.

Receivable/Payable, desktop accounting software


With this GST Billing tool for PC, you can stay on top of all your receivables and payables. You can see the list of customers who owe you money, by how much, for how long. Learn about your financial status wherever you are with this free Business app in India.

Purchase and Sale Orders, desktop accounting software

Purchase and Sale Orders

Receive orders from your clients and provide them professional sale order form effortlessly and instantly. This is the best billing software for desktop lets you check the status of each and every order at all times and help you meet all orders on time.

Bank Accounts, billing software for pc

Bank Accounts

Record and track all of your bank statements, debit & credit card transactions, e-wallets that is used in your business. This GST software for PC helps you manage right cash flow and liquidity at the right time.

Dedicated & Free Support, billing software for pc

Dedicated & Free Support

Helping customers in trouble at all times is our main motto. Apart from building this home accounting application for desktop, we believe in being side by side with our users and to make sure that we are available for any questions or help at all times.

Item Import from Excel, desktop accounting software

Item Import from Excel

Worry not if you have long item list in excel.You can import all your item details from excel in one shot in a very easy way to this home accounting software. Avoid entering items data one by one manually with this GST software for desktop.