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5 Things “Profit & Loss Report” Says About Your Business

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1. Firstly, it gives a summary of your revenue from sales.
2. Lets you know whether or not your business is making good money.
3. Shows how profitable your business has got over-time.
4. Indicates current business financial health & helps you forecast how your business would perform in the future.
5. It helps you analyze how much tax you should pay for the profits you made.

86% of Vyaparis evaluate their business performance using “Profit & Loss Report


Where to find the “Profit & Loss Report” in Vyapar App?
Go to Reports > Transaction Report > Profit & Loss Report

Have Vyapar App?

How to use it?
On the “Profit & Loss” screen, select the date/days you wish to get the profit/loss information. You will see-

  • Total Net Profit you earned from all the sales made (in that particular time duration). The calculation is done after considering all your sale/purchase returns, indirect/direct expenses and taxes. It also considers money invested in inventory. 
  • Indicates how much tax you should receive/pay.

65% of Vyaparis believe “Profit & Loss Report” is the best tool to check their business profitability.

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