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How To Start New Financial Year in Vyapar?

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It’s EASY! You have 2 ways to do it.

Option 1: Reset invoice number & other transactions!

STEP 1: From Left Menu, go to Utilities, Click on “Close Financial Year”.

STEP 2: Under “Restart Transaction numbers”, tap on “Change Prefixes”.
             Not finding this option? Update to the latest version of Vyapar App.

STEP 3: Change Prefixes of your invoices, delivery challan, estimate etc & click on DONE. Your invoice number and other transactions will restart from 1.  

STEP 4: You’re now ready for your NEW Financial Year!

Option 2: Backup all data and start fresh!

STEP 1: From Left Menu, Go to Utilities, Click on “ Close Financial Year”.

STEP 2: Under “Backup all data and start fresh”, choose 31/03/2019 as closing date, and click on “Start Fresh”.

STEP 3: Vyapar will take a backup and delete your current company’s data. Give your
backup file a name and save it on your mobile, desktop,  google drive or wherever you want to.

STEP 4: Vyapar app will restart to start fresh. Closing balances will be seen as opening balances in the newly created company.  Invoices and other transactions will start restart from 1.

STEP 5: You can now start entering your new financial year end data.


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