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MIND your Business!

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Doing business is like spiritualism wherein only you know what goals will make you happy. One enjoys the fruits of one’s own hard work and the rest of the world cluelessly wonders about the reason for your happiness. As an entrepreneur, you may have a certain budding idea in your mind, but nobody else is bothered to atlas make an effort and know your thoughts.  So here are a few pointers which will keep you motivated enough:

1> Get up and say you are AWESOME and that you BELIEVE in your idea completely.

    As soon as you pitch an idea to your dear and loved ones, it is they who will give you an unwanted look on the face. Stay motivated because nobody but you know the potential of your ideas.

2> Draw MOTIVATION from self.

    Usually, the most loved ones will hurt the most, so, stick your plans and execute them without worrying much. Do your best and the results will show up. At the end of every day, before you go to sleep, introspect and if possible write down your learnings. This will help you grow as a person and establish a connect within which will make you a good decision maker.

3>Be Punctual.

    The first impression is the last impression and thus, it is always advised to be ready to avail any opportunity that comes in the way. Starting Up is all about religious follow-ups and punctual conduct of self.

4>Be a good LISTENER.

    Business will grow quickly if your business is able to meet someone else’s need. No one carries a banner on forehead mentioning what one is looking for. It is all about being in the good network and having very good listening skills. A good listener always comes up with the most strategic plan for the team as a whole.

5> Transparent ACCOUNTING practices.

    Being an entrepreneur,  there are already n-number of things to be taken care of while running the business and it makes no sense is wasting time at the last minute to manage accounts. Sweat in practice so that you do not bleed in the war.

6> Have TRUSTED partners and associates.

    Work with only those people in whom you trust and who in return trust you. Always remember what you have been learning since childhood,  “A friend in need is a friend indeed”. There will be times when a crucial business decision needs to be taken and at such times true advice can come from trusted wellwishers only.

7> Stay HEALTHY.

    Can’t stress more on the importance of good health. People spend everything blood, sweat and money in setting up a business and one can only enjoy its fruits if one stays healthy and fit. It makes no sense to flush all your life’s savings and hard word down the drain via medical bills.

In the end. Trust self, keep working, motivate self daily and enjoy the fruits of your hard work. The world is not going to stop for you and so should you not stop from giving your best. Entrepreneurship is all about repeating what you are good at without bothering much about the results. The results will come at the right time. Nurture your business like a tree. More the passion you put in, the larger will be the fruit. Stay fit and Stay Awesome!

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